Astrology is not a science. However, the system does not lack logic either. The subject adds meaning to the situation of the astronomical entities, such as the sun, the moon, and the planets, within the twelve subdivisions in the sky. 

Therefore, when you read up on the details regarding your zodiac signs, it tends to feel true. This is because your star sign matches with certain areas of your personality. Essentially, your personality traits impact the different areas of your life. From the type of friends, you select to the aura of scent you prefer, it all depends on personality traits. If you are curious about the type of fragrances that are perfect for your sign, read the ensuing guide. 


Being a fire sign, the individuals with Aries as their zodiac sign are impulsive and competitive, but equally passionate and loyal. They are driven, stubborn, and not afraid to say what they want. In the months that these individuals are born, the growth of Roses, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, and Geranium, also follows. This makes the floral-scented perfumes perfect for the individuals who are born with Aries as their star sign. 


Taurus is an earth sign. Therefore, the people born in this season are grounded, ambitious, hardworking, and loyal. However, they are also a group of overachievers with high expectations. Although, when the time comes, they prove themselves to be dependable partners and friends. The flower of Taurus is depicted as a rose. Therefore, it reflects all the beauty that these individuals bring with them. Considering this, the best perfumes for Taurus are those with a note of the rose fragrance. 


Geminis are a little flirtatious, emotional, deep and full of energy. Gemini is usually associated with twins, as it is an air sign. Therefore, the twins symbolise the fact that there are two sides to the world. The people born during this time frame are loyal, motivated and energetic. They enjoy novel experiences and are light-hearted and lively. Considering this, the best fragrance for Geminis is a fragrance with warm, earthy tones.


Cancer is a water sign. People born during this time have the prominent personality traits of being generous, emotional, and creative. They are also extremely loyal, but they need their independence. Cancers are also considered intuitive. They have a strong gut feeling. However, their emotions are their strength, as they are vulnerable, present and romantic. For people with Cancer as their zodiac sign, a combination of light, fruity and floral scents are recommended. Belle by Match Fragrances can be perfect for them. 


Similar to Aries, Leo is a fire sign. These individuals are stubborn, passionate and natural leaders. They know what they want, and are willing to do anything to achieve their pals. However, for Leos, physical appearance is always a priority. These individuals are always willing to stand out of the crowd. Therefore, the perfect fragrance for Leos includes a combination of floral, woody, and fruity flavours. This unique combination can allow them to radiate a scent that aligns with their personality. 


Virgos are also grounded, being an earth sign. They are practical, intelligence and caring. They apply a strategic approach in life, and value to the people close to them. While they prioritise security, Virgos are quite intelligent. Considering this, the ideal scent that complements their personality would include an amalgamation of bergamot, bluebell and floral notes. This fragrance would flawlessly match a Virgo’s personality. 


Libra is an air sign. Parallel to air, these individuals are light-hearted, intelligent, synergetic and creative at the same time. Libras are known for their wild imagination. In a group setting, they adopt the role of an arbitrator, as they prefer to hear all sides, hence the depiction of the balanced scales in the star sign. As a result, the ideal fragrance for Libras would be a scent created with the infusion of white musk, sandalwood, and floral accords. This combination can result in a light and rejuvenating impression, perfect for the calm personalities of Libras. 


Scorpios are a water sign. Therefore, they are independent but loyal. These individuals are stubborn, determined, passionate, and headstrong. They hide their vulnerabilities and take their time to open up to people. However, once they come out of their shell, they show the utmost loyalty. Considering this, the perfect fragrance for Scorpios is the bold combination of citrus, Jasmine, and black orchid. Orchid by Match Fragrances would impeccably complement a Scorpio.


Saggitarius is a fire sign. They are unapologetic, honest, but warm-hearted. They have the natural abilities to lead, which makes them bold, and unafraid. For Sagittarius, the ideal fragrance would be a combination of sweet and bold. Therefore, searching for a fragrance with notes of cardamom, vetiver, orange blossom, vanilla and daffodil would be ideal. 


Capricorns have a love for order. They thrive on following rules and regulations. However, they are also stubborn and loyal. For this deadly combination of personality, the perfect fragrance would include the infusion of sandalwood, lemon, vanilla and musk. This combination of notes would reflect the perfectionist tendency of Capricorns. 


Unique, autonomous, and lively, Aquarius are shy but brave. They demand justice and equality and are willing to do everything it takes to make the world a better place. They are bold, enigmatic and adventurous. Therefore, the perfect fragrance to match their complex and unique personality would include a combination of fruity, woody, citrus and smokey notes. 


Lastly, Pisces are sensitive and intelligent. They strictly abide by their morals and have a talent for assessing situations. For Pisces, the perfect fragrance would include a fusion of notes of lemon, mint, jasmine, peonies and spice This combination can mimic the astonishing personality traits of a Pisces.

A perfume that reflects your personality traits can become your signature fragrance. Browse through Match Fragrances to find the best fragrance for men and women. 

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