Perfume is a gift to humankind. Originating from Mesopotamia, Egypt, fragrances have made their way in the hearts and dressers of people around the globe. In this contemporary era, using perfumes has become a normal part of the morning routine. Leaving the house without putting on perfume often feels like walking out naked.
Although, in the global pandemic, when the majority of the people are confined to their homes, investing in perfume may seem like throwing your money on an unnecessary accessory. However, even during the COVID-19 outbreak, perfumes have several uses. If you are curious to learn about the many uses of perfumes during the coronavirus pandemic, consider reading the following guide. 

Add Fragrance To Your Sanitiser

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is an airborne virus that is affecting the entire planet. As this disease is transmitted through direct contact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has made it a requirement for people to regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitiser.
This is where perfumes can be helpful. Typically, the scent of santisers is quite similar to that of a being in a hospital. If you do not enjoy the original scent, you can add a few drops of your favourite fragrance to the product to give it a fresh and desirable scent.
Additionally, the panic that stemmed from the pandemic resulted in a shortage of hand sanitisers. Considering this, many individuals ended up creating a home-based disinfectant product. However, using home-based products, such as aloe vera, can give off a pungent scent. Therefore, adding a few drops of perfumes can give the sanitiser an attractive fragrance.

Add Fragrance To Your Mask 

Covering the regions of mouth and nose is another requirement imposed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). However, for some individuals, keeping the mask on can feel quite claustrophobic. If you feel suffocated by a mask, you can add a few drops of lavender fragrance onto the cloth. As lavender has soothing effects, it can calm your nerves and make you feel safe. This way, when you put on the face mask, the scent of lavender can distract you from the experience of feeling suffocated.

Use perfume to improve cognitive functioning 

Perfume is something that you wear for yourself, as well as for others. However, when you are home alone, you shouldn’t bid farewell to your favourite fragrance. In fact, if you put on your signature fragrance every day, you can introduce some aspect of normalcy in your life. Additionally, if you are working from home, you can spray on the perfume to improve your cognitive functioning. The following scents can help you with the work. 
  • Use rosemary for increased alertness and an improved memory
  • Use the perfume with vetiver notes to boost brain functioning and concentration levels
  • Use lemon-scented perfumes to arouse the senses and eliminate errors in work
  • Use jasmine-based scents to soothe the body and elevate the mood
  • Use citrus-based scents to alert the body and reduce response time
  • Use cinnamon-based fragrances to increase attention, as well as the motor responses
  • Use a peppermint fragrance to improve concentration, alertness and to augment memory
  • Use ginger to combat fatigue and reduce pain
  • Use a pine-based fragrance to improve the mood and increase the alertness
  • Use lemongrass-based fragrances to ease stress and anxiety
  • Use a lavender fragrance to recharge the brain.

Relieve Yourself Of Anxiety

Being a part of something as terrifying as the global pandemic can drastically affect any individual’s mental wellbeing. Particularly, individuals suffering from hypochondria and agoraphobia may feel extremely stressed by the current circumstances. With that said, the global pandemic has made it extremely difficult for all people to maintain a healthy state of mind. While some are worried about losing their jobs, others are worried about their education. 
In these chaotic times, using perfumes can be a convenient way to release yourself from the pandemic anxiety. Aromatherapy is a natural remedy for stress. It works by stimulating the smell receptors in the nose, which ultimately sends messages to the nervous system. When this happens, the body’s chemical and energy systems are affected. As a result, you feel a sense of calm. 
Considering this, you can invest in different perfumes to get rid of anxiety during the global pandemic. If you do not want to spend a large amount of money on expensive fragrances, getting replica perfumes in the UK can be an affordable option. 

Use It As A Substitute For Sanitising Surfaces

As stated earlier, the global pandemic has observed a shortage of sanitising products. These include disinfectant wipes and surface cleaners. This is where perfume comes in. While it may seem like a wild thought, perfumes can be used as a substitute for disinfecting surfaces, as well as skin. As these products are alcohol-based, they can be used to liberate surfaces and skins from germs. 
In fact, many individuals in Turkey rely on the use of perfumes and colognes to disinfect their hands. Similarly, reports revealed that the doctors in Iran used perfumes while treating the patients of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
Perfumes are a major part of life. From radiating an attractive scent to calming you down, fragrances can do it all. So, if you are looking to buy the best scents at affordable prices, explore the variety of scents available at Match Fragrances. Pick out the right perfumes to survive the global pandemic! 

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