With Mother’s Day creeping up on us, we thought now was the right time to bring you this year’s mini gift guide. Perfume is a timeless gift for any occasion, including one of the biggest events of the year for dear old mum. But what fragrance best suits her? If she has never given you any insight into the types of scents she enjoys, finding the right perfume for her could be tricky. Until now!

In this guide, we are highlighting five of our most popular perfume options, all of which have been inspired by the trendiest designer fragrances. If she has a green thumb, select a scent with notes of jasmine and lavender, or if she loves getting all dressed up and going to the theatre, a complimentary bold scent of musk and vanilla may suit her perfectly.

We have covered all grounds. Simply continue reading to find her dream scent.

Florals Scents For Garden Lovers

First up, we have a scent dedicated to mums who love to spruce up their gardens. If she’s a natural-born landscaper and adores nothing more than smelling roses, she will no doubt enjoy some floral smells in her perfume collection. Our ‘Maisy’ perfume, inspired by Marc Jacobs Daisy, is just that. A scent that combines the blossoming notes of violet, jasmine and white woods for a feminine and delicate fragrance.

Musk Scents For The Event-Goer

Does your mum love to get dressed up and ready for a girl's night? Or are theatre trips becoming her favourite activity? Whatever the reason, you must choose a scent as glamorous as she is. ‘Sweetheart’, a true replica of Caroline Herrera’s Good Girl, offers poise, boldness and vibrancy. Its notes of amber, bergamot and sandalwood are confidence-boosting. Our perfumes have the sticking power to go from a morning matinee through to the last orders at the bar.

Woody Scents For The Sustainable Focused

Has your mum recently gone green? Perhaps she’s now a reuse and recycle warrior or has even started to grow her very own produce in the garden. If so, we recommend woody scents full of character and calming effects. Our perfume ‘TV’, the scent that mirrors Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, offers these wood-like notes with captivating hints of tobacco and vanilla for an enthralling effect.

Fruitiness For The Chef

It goes without saying that mums know how to cook. They create concoctions that become family favourites for years to come. So, why not honour this big responsibility with the fun and fabulous notes that come with fruit? We’re bringing you yet another Tom Ford special with our ‘Cherry’, inspired by the very popular Lost Cherry. With sour cherry, jasmine and liquorice scents running through, this is a statement everyday scent that mum will love.

Calmness For Mum-To-Be

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave out those that are celebrating mother’s day with their baby bump. If you’re shopping for her last Mother’s Day without a little one in her arms, make it one to remember with a soothing scent that makes her feel pretty. Chanel is a fail-safe in the world of perfumes; its luxuriousness and extravagance are just what soon-to-be-mothers deserve. Our ‘Coco’, the true replica of Coco Mademoiselle, offers this and more with its orange, rose and patchouli notes.

We hope that we’ve given you the inspiration you need for shopping this Mother’s Day. Perfume is a gift that keeps on giving, just as mum does for you. Show her just how thankful you are for everything that she has done with one of our ravishing perfumes at Match Fragrances.

We offer affordable prices without skimping out on quality. Therefore, you can find your favourite designer scents at a fraction of the price. What’s more, we even offer next-day delivery if you’re a last-minute shopper! Explore our entire collection of fragrances today and make your mum, grandmother or mother figure feel extra special.

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