With Valentine's Day just around the corner, finding the perfect last-minute gift can be a real challenge! You want to find something that shows you’ve put some thought and effort into selecting a present they will love, but you also have a short time to get it.

Here at Match Fragrances, we can help! A bottle of their favourite perfume makes a brilliant gift, and even if you are on a budget, we have the designer scents they love at wallet-friendly price tags. Plus, we offer 24-hour tracked delivery! If you are unsure about your other half’s go-to perfume, we have put together a list of our five most popular scents for gifting so you can decide which one would suit them best.

Our Top 5 Perfumes: Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts

Whatever the occasion, perfume is always a well-received present! Not only does your loved one get to enjoy it again and again, but every time they use it, they will think of you. Picking out perfumes can be a challenging task, especially when ordering online, but our collection is inspired by leading designer brands, so you can select a perfume you know she will love.

Are you unsure what perfumes she usually wears? There is no need to panic! We’ve created this list of our five most popular scents for Valentine's Day gifts:

Thierry Mugler's Angel

Angelic | Inspired By Angel | 100ml £32.95

The first of our top five Valentine's Day gifts is Angelic - inspired by Thierry Mugler's Angel. Angelic is a captivating scent that is packed with sensual musky tones that exude luxuriousness and lavishness. This perfume has citrus top notes of bergamot and mandarin, fruity heart notes of passion fruit, peach and apricot, and sweet-woody base notes of patchouli, vanilla, chocolate and caramel. These all combine to make an entrancing scent that really lasts well and packs a punch.

Nothing says 'I love you' quite like such a powerful perfume. So, if you want her to feel sexy and confident this Valentine's Day and beyond, Angelic is the perfume you need!

Marc Jacob's Daisy

Maisy | Inspired By Daisy | 100ml £32.95

If your Valentine would prefer something a little sweeter, our Maisy Eau De Parfum - inspired by Marc Jacobs' Daisy - is the perfect alternative! Maisy is one of the best Valentine's Day gifts you can purchase with its feminine qualities and high strength values. Just you wait; it'll even get them chanting 'Maisy, Maisy, Maisy,' just like the original advert!

This perfume has violet leaf, blood grapefruit and strawberry top notes, violet, gardenia and jasmine heart notes, and musk, white woods and vanilla base notes. If Daisy is their favourite perfume, they won't be able to tell the difference! So treat them to Maisy this Valentine's Day, and they'll never look back!

Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb

Blossom | Inspired By Flowerbomb | 100ml £32.95

Sticking with the flower theme, Blossom Eau De Parfum takes inspiration from Viktor & Rolf's original Flowerbomb with nothing but floral goodness! Blossom is the type of perfume that makes every day all the more special and is perfect for any occasion.

This perfume features citrus-green top notes of tea and bergamot, floral heart notes of jasmine, cattleya orchid, freesia and centifolia rose, and woody-musky base notes of patchouli. If your partner adores receiving flowers, this is ideal for them! When she spritzes a little Blossom in the air, you'll be hit with a tornado of fresh flower scents that'll brighten both of your days!

Dior's J'Adore

Conjure | Inspired By J'Adore | 100ml £32.95

Every girl needs Conjure in their life - and so does your Valentine! Inspired by Dior's J'Adore, Conjure allows you to conjure up a strong yet subtle scent that's exquisitely crafted for pure indulgence! Long-lasting and sensual, it'll add a touch of spring and summer wherever they go.

This perfume has bergamot, melon, peach and pear top notes, freesia, violet, rose and lily of the valley heart notes, and cedarwood, vanilla, musk and sandalwood base notes. For just a fraction of the price, your Valentine can turn up to your date smelling like the goddess you know her to be!

Lady Million Perfume

Rich Lady | Inspired By Lady Million | 100ml £32.95

Gifting her Rich Lady will ensure your Valentine feels and smells like a million dollars! Rich Lady is inspired by the late and great Paco Rabanne and his Lady Million perfume. This will easily become her favourite scent as soon as she opens the bottle. It's generously priced at £32.95 per 100ml but is worth its weight in gold - just like your Valentine!

This perfume has fruity-floral top notes of orange, raspberry and neroli, floral heart notes of orange blossom, jasmine and gardenia, and woody-sweet base notes of honey and patchouli. Put all of these together, and you've got yourself Rich Lady - the perfume for women who enjoy the finer things in life!


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