Aftershave holds immense importance in your shaving routine. You might find it surprising, but there’s still a vast majority of men who apply aftershave in the wrong way, while some don’t use it at all. Read this blog to learn about all the important tips to make the best use of aftershave. These tips will help you keep your skin fresh. 

The Purpose Of Aftershave

You might be of the view that aftershaves are only good for giving out a nice fresh scent, which isn’t wrong at all. However, the real purposes of aftershave are to disinfect your skin from any contaminants, dirt particles, give it a soothing effect and also provide a fresh aroma. This is why aftershave is considered as one of the most important elements in achieving the best quality shave. All in all, an aftershave helps the skin recover after a shave and makes you feel fresh. 
There are various forms of aftershave available in the market. Mostly used are the foam aftershaves that are also called splash, while other forms are lotion and balms. Different variants come with different features. For instance, some have strong fragrances while others will provide great moisturization. 
Aftershaves are meant to fix the damage your skin goes through after shaving. When you rub sharp blades on your skin, these blades cause wear and tear, which is why people experience serious irritation and itching after shaving. Naturally, your skin has the ability to heal on its own, and this healing process starts right after the damage is done, but it needs some time. This is where aftershaves provide relief because its formula includes antiseptic to kill the bacteria causing irritation and itching. In addition to that, the anesthetic that is present in the formula works by numbing the skin to relieve you from all the irritation. Most importantly, you can prevent rashes post-shaving by using aftershaves, as they work by closing down all the pores to stop the penetration of bacteria into the skin. This speeds up the healing process. 
Things To Consider When Choosing An Aftershave

1. Your Skin Comes First

It’s a no brainer that anything you apply to your skin should contribute to its good health. Similarly, when you’ re out looking for an aftershave, it’s important to prioritize your skin. As mentioned above, the main purpose of aftershaves is to help your skin recover from the damages done by sharp blades. Therefore, while selecting an aftershave for yourself, make sure you pick a product whose formula encapsulates all the good things, such as an antiseptic formula, a good fragrance, and moisturization. 

2. Your Fragrance Preference

After you’ ve decided which brand of aftershave is best suited for your skin type, the second thing you can consider is the scent preference. Most people look for light and fresh fragrances, but this is totally up to you. 
Four Important Tips For Aftershave

1. Keep Your Skin Moisturised

Maintaining moisture on your skin is very important to fasten up the healing process. Moreover, if you have applied an aftershave that comes with fragrances, the only way to keep that scent on for long is by keeping your skin moisturized. A good rule of thumb is to apply a good amount of moisturizer on your skin before you put on the aftershave. This helps in prolonging the fragrance on your face. Another good option is to use aftershave balms that come with great moisturizing properties. 

2. Enhance The Fragrance

Aftershaves may have been made to help your skin recover from rashes, irritation, as well as to help you feel fresh, but it’s even better when paired with a good scent. To boost up the scent, you can pick up more complementary products. For better results, you should consider using unscented moisturizers as a base for the scent. You can also add a few drops of aftershaves into the moisturizer to increase the intensity and longevity of your scent. 

3. Top It Up

It’s natural for the scents to wear off after a while, and when they do, you can always top it up. A vast majority lives with the fear of damaging their skin by applying perfumes. This is a misconception. Try getting full kits of aftershaves that come with multiple products like moisturisers and perfumes that have a similar scent to that of the aftershave. Once your aftershave fragrance comes off, you can always top it up by putting on the perfumes from the same range. 

4. Do Not Make The Mistake Of Rubbing

Once you’ re through with the process of shaving, and you’ re about to put on the aftershave, make sure you tap it onto the face. Avoid rubbing it on the skin. Rubbing causes friction, which dissolves the particles, and therefore, the scent fades away fairly quickly. This kills the whole purpose of applying an aftershave. Therefore, rather than rubbing, go for the tapping approach. This helps the formula to stay on your skin, improve the damaged skin, and give you a fresh, soothing feel. 
Now that we’ ve comprehensively discussed the purpose of aftershave, its benefits, and how to use it, it’s time for you to pick the best product for yourself. Head over to Match Fragrances to get the best men’s aftershave. We have a huge variety of aftershaves and perfumes that can align with your fragrance preferences. 

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