Shaving brushes are an amazing tool for men’s grooming practice. Not only do they add charm to your bathroom shaving cabinet, but they also help prepare your skin for a shave by making it soft and smooth, which prevents any irritation and itching afterwards. Despite playing an integral role in your daily grooming routine, these shaving brushes have unfortunately been neglected by a vast majority of men. This is either because people don’t know how to properly use these brushes, or they just want to save those few precious minutes in the morning while getting ready for work. 
Shaving brushes bring vivid results. Once you get yourself a good quality shaving brush and include it in your daily shaving regimen, you won’t be able to complete your grooming process without it. Shaving brushes bring amazing benefits when you are doing a close shave and it also significantly reduces the likelihood of post-shave itching and irritation. 

What Does A Brush Do

1. Soothes Your Skin

Most men use their hands to create lather. However, you can enjoy a richer and thicker lathering effect by using the bristles of the brush. This approach helps soften your skin way better than any other method. Know that softening your skin is very important before you use a sharp razor on your face, as this helps eliminate any irritation or rashes. 

2. Lifts Your Hair

Shaving brushes play a great role in enhancing the quality of your shave. This is because the soft bristles in these brushes get underneath your facial hair, stubble, and raises the hair from the surface of your skin. Once your hair is standing upright, the shaving foam gets the space to come in direct contact with your skin surface, which makes it soft. Ultimately, your blades can easily cut the hair at the right angle

3. Provides Lubrication

The rich lather made with the help of a shaving brush becomes a good thick lubricant, allowing your razor to glide through the wet surface without any resistance. This lubrication eradicates the friction between the razor and skin surface, which is responsible for rashes and irritation. 

4. Acts As An Exfoliator

Have you ever wondered how a mere shaving brush can provide your skin with the exfoliation it needs? This is true, as when the bristles of the brush come in contact with your skin and you move it across in a circular motion, the brush removes all the detritus and the dead skin cells. This helps your blade work smoothly and you won’t see any red spots, inflammation, or ingrown hair after you’re done shaving. 

Using A Shaving Brush

1. Start By Filling A Bowl With Warm Water

Before you do anything, fill up a mug or bowl with lukewarm water to use throughout your shave. Put your shaving brush in this mug filled with warm water, this will soften the bristles of your brush to help you achieve a smooth shave. However, make sure you don’t use very hot water to make your skin uncomfortable. 

2. Wet Your Shaving Brush Before Use

You can see the instructions given on the shaving kit for the right temperature of the water. Once you’re through that, dip your brush in this warm water and allow the bristles to soak this water for 5-10 minutes. Different brushes require a different period to soak properly. This depends on the type of bristles. Once your brush is soft and wet, you can start. Make sure to properly shake your brush when you pull it out of the water bowl so that it’s not dripping water. 

3. Put Shaving Cream On The Brush

Once your brush is ready, you can now bring out your shaving cream. Press the nozzle of your shaving foam bottle to have a good amount of foam on the top of the brush, or if you have the cream in a pot, you can ideally dip your brush in it to soak the foam. 
If you’re using a good quality shaving foam, you won’t need to put on a lot of foam to create a thick lather. It is better to purchase products from reputable brands. They might seem expensive, but they save you more since you won’t have to replace them frequently. 

4. Make A Lather

As you start the lathering, you have a few options on hand. You can either build up the lather using a shaving mug or bowl, use or hand or just directly put in on your face.
Pick up your brush and gently move it on your beard area in a circular motion. Keep moving the brush on your skin till you see the foam has started to thicken. Also, make sure you don’t stoke the brush onto your skin for too long causing your foam to become too dilute. If it does, the foam won’t provide any protection during the shave. 

5. Shave

All said and done, now you’re all set to use your razor to get rid of the unwanted hair and stubble. As you glide your blades on the surface of the skin, the thick shaving foam will play its role in protecting the skin from any damage and provide a good close shave.

6. Rinse Your Face

Finish up by rinsing your shaven face and the brush with water. Make sure you use cold water to close up the pores. Clean your brush by rubbing your fingers in the bristles to remove any residual soap and finish by cleaning it with a towel or cloth to dry your brush before you put it back on the shelf. 

Use Aftershave To Give Your Skin The Utmost 

Aftershaves play an integral part in giving you the best shaving experience. Get yourself the best aftershave for men to give your skin the much-needed moisture and fragrance, but make sure you follow the right way to apply aftershave. 

1 Wash Your Face Thoroughly

Right after getting through your shave, rinse your face with cold water to close down all the pores so that your skin isn’t vulnerable to any harmful particles.

2 Mix The Aftershave In Your Hands

Take out a small amount of aftershave onto your palms and spread it evenly.

3 Smear It Across The Face

Gently spread the solution in downward circular motions starting from your cheeks and go down to the jawline and the neck area. 
Step #4 Reapply If Needed
If your aftershave wears away too quickly, it’s totally okay to reapply the solution, but in less quantity. You’ll know if you need to reapply when your skin starts drying or if there’s any irritation after the first application.  If you are in the search for a fragrant aftershave, visit Match Fragrances. 

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