Fragrance layering has been practised for years. Putting on several scents at once might sound like an unusual thing to do, but it’s the best way to make your own bespoke fragrance. You won’t even have to spend a staggering amount of money with a perfumer. 
Put simply, fragrance layering is the mixing of two different perfumes to make an entirely new scent. This is ideal for perfume fanatics who look to experiment and create a fresh fragrance. You can think of it as making your own customised sense of style. 
If you love perfumes, fragrance layering is the best way for you to be creative. Why not put yourself in the shoes of a perfumer and make your own scent? The outcome of amalgamating singular perfume notes with other ingredients and accords is always amazing. 
Fragrance layering sounds fun, but the question is, why should you do it? Most importantly, because it helps you find the perfect fragrance that suits you. However, there are other benefits attached to this practice as well. For instance, layering is one of the most effective ways to make your fragrance last longer, since you are required to stop your skin from absorbing all the oil instantly. Perfume experts suggest that all fragrances smell different on every other person, and layering helps reinforce the true aroma of any fragrance. 

The Best Occasions For Fragrance Layering

Most people practice fragrance layering for any special event they will be attending, but there isn’t any restriction. You can combine fragrances every day to suit your needs or mood. Special occasions, like marriage or prom nights, are considered the best occasions to try out perfume layering. It’s a proven fact that fragrances form a strong connection with events and people, and this is why we usually associate a particular fragrance with a particular event. What could be better than making your own incredible scent for any event that holds immense importance in your life, which will always remind you of this special day?
Some Of The Best Combinations
The best combination for fragrance layering really comes down to personal preferences. There are a few things you need to consider when layering. First and foremost, you should have your skin really hydrated so that the scents can lock in effectively. Secondly, it’s important that you put on the strong fragrance first and then you top it off with a lighter one, so the stronger one doesn’t overpower the other. Read further to learn about some of the most prominent combinations.

1. The Classic Combinations

According to most fragrance lovers and experts, you should always choose perfumes that work well with each other when layering. There is a rich profusion of amazing combinations, and the best way to find the perfect one for you is by trying several pairings. If you’re looking for a classic touch, you can use floral scents and mix them with spicy fragrances to give your floral base the enhancement it needs. Perfumes that have notes of fruits like apricot, black orchid, or elderflower, can be layered with spicy geranium. Another most common classic combination is of sandalwood scent with a citrus fragrance. The smooth touch of sandalwood provides a creamy and soft scent, which can be paired with anything citrusy. 
If you’re up for some interesting experiments with fragrances, you can choose to combine scents that perfectly contrast each other. Having two fragrances that have contrasting scents is a daring way to layer. Take something woody and layer it up with something fruity. Most people mix refreshing citrus with soft oud. This unusual pairing produces an amazingly rich and spicy fragrance, which is best for night events. 

2. Universal Layering

If you’re uncertain about layering and you don’t want to try out something new, the universal top layers will suit you best. Fragrances that are considered as universal top layers can enhance anything they are combined with. Start by mixing fragrances that have a linear structure. The linear structure basically means any smell which lasts until the fragrance dries on your skin, without a change. This provides a stable base. Woody scents and musks are the perfect fragrances to layer with. 

3. Other Ways To Layer

As mentioned above, fragrance layering really depends on your taste. The number of ways to put on fragrances is growing significantly, with people embracing the trend of fragrance layering. Alternative options include serums and lotions for the body, which are also reasonable in terms of prices. You can choose a lightweight lotion and mix it up with any perfume after putting on your favourite dress. Any fruity serum is suitable for combining with a scent-free body lotion to produce a superb base layer to create a sweet scent that is enhanced with the notes of oud. Similarly, the option to use a hair perfume with floral fragrances gives you an excellent result on the skin, as well as hair. 
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