It’s the personality traits of a particular person that stand out immediately when you first meet them. You might think the sense of smell gets ignored, but you’d be surprised to know that a fragrance you choose to wear can speak volumes about you. 
That being said, it’s very important to choose a perfume that matches your personality. The right fragrance will be a true reflection of who you are. Perfumes are made up of notes and there are specific notes that can complement a person’s natural odour, or even their personality. For instance, a person who has a bold and charismatic personality may want a fragrance that aligns with their character traits. 
Let’s talk about how people with different personality types can choose the right scent for themselves. A little research and know-how can go a long way.

Personality Types And Perfumes

1. A Formal Personality

A person with a formal and work-oriented personality typically adopts a  classic and decent dressing style, which has always been the epitome of the corporate world. This appearance is inarguable the cleanest, minimalistic and appropriate. Button-up shirts and straight pants are worn with blazers to radiate power and professionalism. 
If this is your everyday attire, you may look for fresh and floral fragrance notes. The notes present in these perfumes are known to demand attention and seek glamour. To balance it off,  the fragrance can become even better by having an equal blend of fruity notes like bergamot, apple, oakmoss and pineapple. The strong equilibrium between citrus and floral scents will make you stand out from the crowd. 
If your personality oozes strength, dominancy, class and leadership, you have no better option other than Attraction by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by Aventus.

2. Relaxed And Calm

People with a cool, calm and collected personality are unique. You’d rarely come across someone who remains composed no matter how hard the situation is around them. Such people are always fun to be around, as they make it easy for everyone to feel at peace. If you have such characteristics, know that you’re one of a kind. 
With your easy-going and calm personality temperament, you’d need a woody fragrance that is down-to-earth but bold. Scents that feel fresh, natural and simple may define you best. To suit your character traits, get yourself a perfume that is made from the perfect amalgamation of woody, balsamic, spicy and aromatic notes. We recommend that you get your hands on Wood by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by Oud Wood. This bold fragrance has apparent notes of rosewood, sandalwood, cardamom and pepper that give an earthy aroma. 

3. Sporty and Active

If you have a penchant for sports and other physical activities, you might need something extra special from the fragrance you choose to wear. For someone who is active and likes to get their hands dirty, you can try a perfume made from a balanced mix of citrus, ozonic, woody and aquatic tones. These notes radiate a fresh and sporty scent that will last for a long while. 
If this is your personality type, the right choice of perfume for you is GI, inspired by Green Irish Tweed. The perfume has top notes of amazing scents of Iris and Verbena that are complemented with the blissful violet leaf middle notes and base notes of ambergris and Mysore Sandalwood. 

4. The Shy One

Any person who has a shy disposition is generally more conscious about themselves and is slightly introverted as well.  If you happen to fit in with this character, you might take some time to warm-up, but you also have great depth in your personality. Belle by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by LA Vie Est Belle, is made for people who have a timid nature. The perfume exudes a combination of sweet vanilla, balsamic and citrus scents that are mixed with a slight hint of wood. This amazingly soft and feminine fragrance comes with top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange and freesia, along with heart notes of white flowers, jasmine, sambac, iris and orange blossoms. The fragrance is completed with the base note notes patchouli, sandalwood and a touch of vanilla. 
Wearing the right fragrance is an art that can be mastered by learning about yourself, as well as about the components of different fragrances. Once you have truly identified yourself, you’ll be able to fully enjoy wearing your favourite perfume. Visit Match Fragrances and find the fragrance that suits you best at the most affordable prices.

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