There is no doubt about the fact that perfumes are a necessary item for any person’s wardrobe. The fragrance you wear becomes your identity, which is why it is necessary that you choose your signature scent meticulously. “Perfume is personal magic,” they say and rightly so. It creates the first impression and ultimately a lasting recollection.

For any man that goes out to work on a daily basis, or for any other purpose, it is highly important that they wear a nice fragrance, which defines their character and style. At Match Fragrance, our collection for men’s match perfumes in the UK encapsulates popular classics along with contemporary styled modern fragrances. The perfumes for men at our store are all inspired by some of the very top brands. These long-lasting fragrances are exactly what you need when you’re out for an entire day. Moreover, the affordable nature of our high-quality products is what makes them stand out from the rest. Therefore, get your hands on some of the best aftershaves for men that you can enjoy wearing on multiple occasions.

Here we have compiled a list of the 5 best aftershaves for men:

1. Attraction, Inspired by Aventus

Attraction – our take on Aventus – happens to be one of our best-selling products. This perfume has always been highly rated in the list of aftershaves for men. The version you’ll see at our store contains all the same ingredients you’ll find in the original perfume, but at a very affordable price.

The amazing blend of ingredients used in making this alluring and exotic fragrance sees a slight change as time passes. This luxurious and sophisticated fragrance comprises a balanced mix of bergamot, apple, oakmoss and a subtle touch of pineapple. The top notes of this perfume include citrus-fruity ingredients like cassis, bergamot, apple, pineapple, and herbal notes. The heart notes are woody-spicy that include pink pepper, jasmine, birch and patchouli, whereas the base notes are musky-ambery, consisting of Amber, Vanilla, Mossy notes and Musk.

2. DS, Inspired by Sauvage

Our highly sophisticated and attractive DS men’s perfume is an idea taken from Sauvage. This fragrance is known to be the most versatile fragrance for men as it can be worn casually by day and is equally good for the evening. The scent features an amazing composition of bergamot, mint and pepper as the top notes, along with Patchouli, vetiver, Lavender and Geranium as the heart notes and Amber and white musks as the base notes. Become the centre of attention as you put on this excellent blend of flavours and scents that make an extremely fresh fragrance.

3. Wood, Inspired by Oud Wood

If you’re looking for a perfume that exudes strength and masculinity, you have to have our Wood, inspired by Oud wood in your collection. Considered the most valuable fragrances in the list of best aftershaves for men, Oud Wood is complemented very well by the classic woody fragrance of sandalwood, balsamic, and aromatic notes. This perfume presents an earthy fragrance that exudes a balanced composition of vanilla along with woody scents.

4. 540, Inspired by Baccarat Rogue 540

The all-famous 540, inspired by Baccarat Rogue 540, comes with a warm, spicy and sensual fragrance. This top-selling men’s perfume evokes all the elements of eastern charm with top notes of jasmine and saffron. The middle notes of amber wood and ambergris give this scent the character, while the base notes of cedar and fir make this fragrance the most defining and memorable for any person.

5. Neroli, Inspired By Neroli Portofino

Our wonderful men’s fragrance Neroli brings true vibes of the Italian summer, just like you would expect with Neroli Portofino, the famous designer perfume. This amazing men’s aftershave is made from a fresh blend of citrus, white floral and spicy notes. Citrus notes are the top notes of this perfume, whereas the heart notes comprise of Neroli, Floral notes and Amber in the base.

We believe luxury and superb quality should not break the bank and this is why we ensure that all the amazing cheap replica perfumes are readily available for everyone. Head over to Match Fragrances and choose the scent that suits you best.

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