While some men’s aftershaves are best-suited for a particular event or moment, others are timeless. Even in this extremely dynamic and changing fashion world we live in, these ever-green perfumes never go out of fashion. The Green Irish Tweed is a prime example of timeless fragrances. With its rich, natural aroma and strong masculine nature, this perfume has remained the top preference for most men around the world for all the right reasons.

At Match Fragrances, we have an amazing collection of all the best designer inspired fragrances to give our clients the best quality at the most affordable prices. One of our best-selling inspired perfumes is the GI, the replica of Green Irish Tweed.

The GI at our store is inspired by one of the most-selling and famous scents in the world as it has top notes of citrus-green having Bergamot, Lemon, Green leaves and violet as the most apparent ingredients. The heart notes of this perfume are Herbal-Marine that has Pineapple, Jasmine, Mint, Marine notes, Geranium and Rosemary. The base notes are Woody-Musky, which exudes the scents of Sandalwood, Mossy notes, Amber and musk.

This perfume is a complex scent full of all the superb ingredients. All these ingredients make an alluring and bold eau de parfum.

What makes our version of Green Irish Tweed stand out from other fragrances? Let’s shed light on some important information.

  • A lot of perfumes are either sharp or soft. However, our GI is a great combination of sharp and soft. The acidic and sharp notes in this fragrance come from the peppermint and citrus. These notes are invigorated by Iris and Violet, bringing softness and subtlety in the aroma.

  •  The woody notes in this fragrance brings the depth in this perfume. Sandalwood and Cedarwood play an integral role in making this happen. The heady and deep scent provided by these ingredients makes this fragrance strong and masculine in nature.  Another very strong component in this fragrance is Ambergis. Since GI is full of ambergris, the perfume is usually worn for special events due to its strength and depth. Also, because ambergris is found in the base notes of this perfume, the scent lasts for very long and gives an irresistibly salty punch.

  • Lastly, the perfume is full of natural elements as well. Green Irish Tweed was purposely made to mimic the aroma of the Irish countryside. Want to feel the fresh vibes of rolling green fields? Get your hands on the GI by Match Fragrances. 

All in all, the Green Irish Tweed is best suited for med who have the penchant for spending time out in the open instead of working behind the desks. Love adventure? Love hiking through the woods, playing on the beach or spending time at the countryside? Make sure you put on GI while doing all that.

Exploring The Basenotes of GI

Before you pick your signature fragrance, it is always very important to acknowledge the important role the base notes play. The base notes are what remain after a long while, especially if you’re applying a perfume for a long time. In the case of GI, you will find the top notes and heart notes creating amazing fragrance, but it’s the base ingredients that do all the important work. Ambergis in the base notes does the trick, all thanks to its earthy and salty aroma. Found in the sperm of whales, ambergris or grey amber brings the rich sea salt aroma. But don’t worry about its origins; this ingredient is all about adding richness and depth in the scent. These are the two most important components in a man’s cologne.

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