Aftershave is a gel-based, oil-based or liquid-based substance, which is applied following the shaving ritual. The primary purpose of using this ingredient is to soothe the skin after it undergoes the harsh run of a razor on the sensitive skin of the face. As the shaving procedure leaves the pores exposed, it can increase the risk of bacteria development. With that said, there are some aftershave products that are harmful to the skin. You can learn everything you wish to know about aftershaves in the ensuing guide.

What are the benefits of using an aftershave?

Aftershave performs the role of a disinfectant after you shave. This product usually constitutes of isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) or ethyl alcohol, which is also a common ingredient found in sanitizers and rubbing alcohol. These entities fight the bacteria and other toxins that are present on the face. Essentially, this is the main reason why using an alcohol-based aftershave can sometimes create a stinging sensation.

Aftershave disinfects the skin

When you shave with a razor, the skin becomes irritated due to the intense exfoliation taking place. Shaving opens up your pores and leaves the epidermis (dead skin) behind.  This can make your face prone to acne or any other adverse reaction, as the path for bacteria or other materials is unlocked. Additionally, the accidental cuts and razor burns can also become a risk for developing an infection. Aftershave serves the purpose of disinfecting the skin, so it can stay protected from bacteria and other harmful bodies.

Aftershave prevents itching and swelling from the growth of ingrown hair

Aftershaves are multi-purpose. They can do more for the skin than just disinfecting it. In fact, applying an aftershave can prevent the swelling and itching that accompanies the growth of ingrown hair. If you are used to shaving with a razor, there is a strong chance that you have this problem. An ingrown hair is a hair that grows back inside the skin, instead of growing upright. This causes a bump (known as papules) or a puss-filled bump (known as pustules). Ingrown hair invites bacteria and can make the skin look less attractive. However, if you use aftershave, you can decrease the chances of growing itchy hair.

Aftershave reduces razor bumps

Razor bumps are caused by ingrown hair. They are tiny bumps on the skin, which can easily become infected. Razor bumps and burns are extremely common for individuals who shave, especially with a razor. While there is no cure for razor bumps, you can reduce the frequency of developing razor bumps by using an aftershave. Aftershave can soothe the skin and prevent the scratchy feeling, which can provide you with smooth and faultless skin. In addition to this, using aftershave can also help your skin heal from the cuts caused by shaving.

Aftershave prevents hair follicle inflammation

Hair follicle inflammation or Folliculitis is a skin condition that is defined by the inflammation of hair follicles. Folliculitis is often caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. It appears in the form of small red bumps, or white heads around the hair follicles. However, this infection spreads rapidly and can immensely damage your skin.

Folliculitis can lead to the formation of crusty sores on your facial skin. It may cause swelling or itchiness, which can lead to discomfort. However, you can reduce the risk of developing hair follicle inflammation by regularly applying an aftershave. Aftershaves comprise of antibacterial properties that can make your skin healthy and protected against potential infections.

Aftershave fosters skin health

Aftershave serves two primary purposes. It can protect your skin from the development of infectious diseases, and it can foster skin health. The latter is supported by the fact that the regular use of aftershave can encourage the growth of skin tissue, which can essentially boost skin health. Taking this into consideration, applying aftershave can ensure that your skin looks rejuvenated, healthy and fresh.  

Aftershave can function as a cologne

If you invest in a high-quality, long-lasting aftershave, you would not need to invest in a cologne. Most aftershaves come with a discerning fragrance, which can last for hours. In fact, many men use an aftershave instead of a cologne.

With that said, if you wish to increase the intensity and durability of the fragrance, you can purchase a perfume that has a similar scent as your aftershave. You may apply the perfume on your pulse points (behind the ears, base of the neck, and inner wrists) to create a pleasant aura.

Can you use aftershave if you do not shave?

Adding aftershave to your shaving ritual can boost the health of your facial skin. However, it is not necessary to put on aftershave, following the shaving ritual. In fact, you can use the product over your beard to attain a revitalised and glowing skin.

Aftershaves can be a part of your normal skin-care routine as they can help fight infections and moisturise the skin. The disinfectant properties of an alcohol-based aftershave can help you fight infections, whereas the moisturising properties can reduce inflammation, along with reducing the itching sensation on the skin.

In Conclusion

The regular use of aftershave is a healthy approach to skincare. It can prevent your skin from the development of infectious diseases, razor bumps and acne.  If you are thinking about investing in this product, check out the vast variety of long-lasting, scented and affordable aftershaves made available on Match Fragrances.

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