Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the strongest. The olfactory system has the ability to influence brain activity, which is why aromatherapy has gained popularity in the last few years.  Aromatherapy is a treatment that relies on the usage of aromatic materials- which can include compounds, fragrances, and essential oils, to improve the psychological well-being of individuals. The effectiveness of aromatherapy is strengthened by the fact that the olfactory bulbs, situated in the limbic system, are connected to the region in the brain that processes learning and emotions.

Considering this, your mood, behavior, and your memories can be affected by the scent you inhale. This is why some scents provoke nostalgia and remind you of the old and childhood memories.

Scents and fragrances also play an influential role in boosting productivity at work. In fact, research shows that inhaling certain fragrances can activate the hypothalamus- the brain region responsible for regulating the endocrine system, which can, in turn,  influence all major systems of the body. With that said, there are a few scents that directly affect the systems that are responsible for increasing your productivity.


Perfumes and essential oils that are created with a lemon-based fragrance are ideal for reducing elevated levels of anxiety. The aroma comes with soothing and calming properties, which makes it ideal for an office environment. In addition to this, lemon-based fragrances have the ability to improve the concentration levels of individuals. Taking this into consideration, wearing fragrances, with lemon undertones, is recommended for individuals who operate in high-pressure environments.

2. Lavender

Parallel to lemon-based scents, lavender perfumes also have soothing properties.  Lavender’s effect can be used to reduce the emotional stress of an individual. The soothing properties of this fragrance can calm the nerves to eliminate the tension leading to nervousness. Additionally, research shows that the fragrance is further used to improve the mood, along with to treat headaches and migraines.

3. Jasmine

The scent of jasmine also plays a role in calming the nerves. However, jasmine-based perfumes are used to uplift the mood. Additionally, the smell of jasmine is a natural stimulant that encourages you to feel more confident, optimistic, and rejuvenated. Taking this into account, you can spray on a jasmine-scented fragrance for interviews, exams, and events for public speaking.

4. Rosemary

Rosemary is not just sprinkled to add an aroma to your food. In fact, rosemary-based fragrances have a multitude of advantages to improve productivity. This Italian herb works as a stimulant to boost memory retention. So, you can wear a rosemary fragrance while studying, and while appearing for a theoretical exam, as it can strengthen your memory and help to remember the concepts easily.

Moreover, this magical ingredient is filled with properties that help you tackle physical exhaustion as well. Therefore, a rosemary-based perfume can be used to relieve yourself from headaches, migraines, and mental fatigue.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another ingredient in perfumes that can improve your focus. This scent enables you to get rid of mental fatigue. Additionally, cinnamon-based fragrances can further help you improve your concentration and focus. Therefore, you are encouraged to wear cinnamon-scented perfumes to work, university or meetings.

6. Peppermint

The strong scent of peppermint has a strong impact on increasing productivity. This fragrance activates the mind and fosters clarity in thinking. In addition to this, peppermint also has the ability to promote concentration and incite accuracy in the thought processes. Peppermint perfumes can be worn to work, and to attend classes or meetings.

Making the best use of perfumes

The aforementioned fragrances can be used to boost your productivity throughout the day. When you wear a perfume, you must spray the fragrance on the six crucial points of the body, in order to ensure that the scent is emitted throughout the day. The perfume should be applied to your inner wrists, the bottom of the throat, behind the ear lobes, at the back of the knees, and on the inner elbows. This will make sure that you enjoy the soft and stimulating fragrances throughout the day.

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