In the world of men’s fragrances, aftershave and cologne are commonly heard terms. Despite that fact, many people do not know the difference between these two and often tend to confuse one with the other. Well, not to worry because you have come to the right place to know all about men’s aftershave and men’s cologne.

What Is the Difference Between Aftershave and Cologne?

Though both these things are of common use in the daily life of the modern man, many people often end up mixing up these two. Men’s aftershave and men’s cologne are two things belonging to quite similar categories. You might think that one is just another name for the other, that is not the case. Both of these are two different things. Understandably, if you do not know the difference between these two, there must be so many questions going around in your head. “What is an aftershave? What is a cologne? What really is the difference? How am I going to choose the right option for me?” Well, you do not need to fret anymore because here is a detailed guide that will tell you all that you need to know about aftershaves and colognes, and which one is better. Starting with getting to know and understand these products individually, here is some handy information that will take you through the world of men’s fragrances and lead you to pick the right one for yourself.

What is Aftershave?

As you must have already guessed, owing to the name, this product has something to do with shaving. For men, there are a few things that they must keep in mind and take care of while shaving their faces. If shaving goes even slightly off course, it can cause cuts or other damage to your skin. Open wounds and cuts are just a welcome sign for bacteria to settle into the skin and cause further harm. Now, this is the point where an aftershave swoops in and saves the day. 

An aftershave balm, or aftershave lotion for men, is like a soothing treatment after they are done with the whole shaving process. It has become a must-have for every man to include in their shaving routine. The best thing about men’s aftershave is that it closes up the pores to ward off any potential income of bacteria, in case you have received a cut while shaving. Not only that, but it also soothes the area where the cut is to provide ease and relief. Plus, an aftershave hydrates your skin too. 

The bonus? Yes, there is a bonus too. The bonus is that aftershave smells just as good as a perfume, and gives you’re a fresh and attractive vibe. A good aftershave will hold its fragrance for longer hours, so its best to choose from a trusted vendor such as Match Fragrances. You can learn more about aftershaves here.

What is Cologne?

Now comes the topic of cologne. More people must be aware of it when compared to an aftershave. For those who are not, here is the difference. To put it simply, cologne is a version of a fragrance that is more concentrated than an aftershave. When it comes to choosing a fragrance that will hold you up for a good amount of time, cologne is not an ideal choice. It does not provide any health bonuses with the way an aftershave does, like closing up the pores or providing relief to cut areas of the skin. However, it does make up for everything else with its long-lasting scent.

In most types of colognes, a considerable amount of alcohol is present. That may not be too much of a surprising fact since almost all perfumes have alcohol in them as a prominent ingredient. 

When it comes to colognes, they are further organized into another sub-category, which is time. There are different types of scents for different times of the day. What goes well the light and airy breeze of the daytime might not make for the perfect scent for the depth of the nighttime. For daytime men’s colognes, the common choice is something lighter, yet prominent enough. Think of a floral note with a touch of spice or wood notes; that is the common, ideal choice for men’s daytime colognes. For the nighttime, however, what people usually go for is something bold. Due to that reason, musk is the way to go. Something spicy mixed with musk will be the best candidate for a nighttime cologne for men. 

Aftershave VS Cologne: Which Is Better?

Overall, men’s aftershave seems to take the trophy as it does not only provide a fresh smelling aftereffect, but it also offers beneficial factors to your skin. Although many people would scamper towards a cologne for an all-day scent, aftershaves stay one level up due to their soothing properties. Moreover, aftershaves keep your skin from drying out as they have hydrating properties too. Between the three different categories of aftershave (balm, lotion, splash), the top choice is an aftershave balm, as it does not contain any alcohol. You probably do not want any alcohol seeping into your skin right after you get a cut from shaving. Plus, aftershave provides a fresher scent which is naturally more appealing.

Of course, your personal preference also plays a role in deciding which one is better. This guide to men’s aftershave and cologne will help you make the right decision!

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