If you are reading this, then it is most likely that you’re trying to increase your style and comfort game by going one step ahead of just shaving. Or maybe you are trying to figure out the best smelling men’s aftershave. Shaving is an art, and yet many men complain that they don’t feel like they had a satisfying feeling after the shave. Once you have shaved in your best technique, a perfect aftershave is what you need!

Aftershave is an alcohol-based liquid that is applied after a shave (as the name suggests). It also comes in a gel or lotion form. Aftershave is the best companion for a gentleman who wants a perfect shave with a smooth and soft feeling afterwards. Let us discuss some of the advantages of aftershaves.

1. Soothing Effect on The Skin:
Many men complain that they sometimes get bruises or cuts during the shave. This leaves an irritating or uncomfortable feeling on the face during the day. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while going to the office or someplace else. Aftershaves leave the perfect soothing effect for your facial skin after the shave. The methanol soothes the soreness on small nicks while astringents in the aftershave reduce the irritation caused by the sharp blade against the skin. It also moisturizes the dry skin to leave a comforting feeling.
2. Keeps You Save From Infections:
Aftershave contains antiseptics like alcohol or a similar ingredient. Antiseptics kill all germs on the skin once applied, reducing the chances of infections to a large extent. Nips and cuts happen when the blade is blunt, and you have to push harder against the skin, which results in skin damage. This leaves the skin vulnerable to germs. Aftershave should be your choice if you want to maintain a hygienic shaving routine.
3. Makes You Smell Good:
There are many varieties of aftershaves that come with different fragrances. Using an aftershave gives you a subtle aroma which makes you feel comfortable and smell fantastic as a bonus. The scent is light enough that it does not overpower your cologne or perfume. Still, it is conspicuous enough to compliment the cologne and not cause any kind of inconvenience for you. To learn more about the difference between cologne and aftershave you can read our article on aftershave vs cologne.
Types of Aftershaves:
Now that you are aware of the many advantages of the aftershave, you'll surely be interested in buying the best smelling men’s aftershave. Before you go to find out the best aftershaves, let's discuss the types of aftershaves available in the market. There are different types of aftershaves, and none among them is better or worse than the other. Instead, you have to know about them and decide for yourself which type suits you the best. Here are the types of aftershaves:
1. Liquid:
Liquid aftershaves are classic and have been popular since the concept of aftershaves began. They contain alcohol as an antiseptic which being a liquid quickly covers the bigger nips and cuts. This makes it an effective choice for you if you keep having cuts during the shave. Needless to say, it is also more potent against infections and will be suitable for someone who may get infections easily.
2. Lotion:
Everyone has different skin and needs different kinds of aftershave for his face. It is natural for many people to feel dry skin after shaving because the blade removes not only hair but also the moisture associated with it. Lotion based aftershaves are perfect for people who get dry skin. It is also an ideal choice for people in winters because your skin needs moisture against the cold chilly winds in cold weather.
3. Gel:
Gel-based aftershaves can be used in different cases depending upon the ingredients of the gel. Usually, there are specific proportions of nutrients and fragrances in the gel, so a variety of people can get it according to their requirements. People with sensitive skin are recommended to use gel aftershave as it contains beneficial contents like aloe vera, etc.
Best Kinds Of Aftershaves:
Every man who shaves wants to feel the best after a shave. That’s why aftershaves have to be best for all types of men. Here are some best kinds of aftershaves that are popular in the market:
1. Woody Citrus Aftershaves:
Aftershaves with woody scent ending in woody trails like cedarwood, patchouli, and amber give off a good smell. It can also be combined with citrus notes.
2. Woody/Oriental Aftershaves:
Aftershaves with strong woody fragrance are classics. Starting with a cardamom breeze, proceeding towards lavender and then vanilla, these woody oriental aftershaves are a very mature choice.
3. Fruity Fragrance Aftershaves:
If you want to go for a fresh touch, get an aftershave with fruity notes. With a fusion of zesty citrus notes, you can opt for effervescent orange and lemon notes followed by juniper and spicy cardamom.
Aftershaves are very important for the perfect post-shave look. There are many different types of aftershaves available, but if you are looking for best smelling men's aftershave, then you need to keep in mind that fragrance is not the only thing that matters. You have to decide if you want a gel aftershave or a lotion one. The skin sensitivity also comes under account as does the skin type. So, once you’ve considered all these facts, you are well on your way to having an awesome day after a shave.

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