The global perfume industry was estimated to have a market value of approximately US$32.8 billion. Casting light over the past few years, the industry has seen an average growth of US$1 billion each year. By the end of 2021, it is predicted that this market could touch US$34 billion. The earliest use of perfumes dates back to at least 1000 BC, in Ancient Egypt.

Perfumes usually serve two purposes for most people. There are people who use perfumes to get compliments from other people at a party, while others simply use them for themselves. Perfumes come in all price ranges. Investing in an expensive perfume won’t necessarily mean the perfume is good. A lot of expensive perfumes don't have a long-lasting effect while many cheaper ones perform better. The sillage and longevity of all perfumes vary. However, a good perfume can enhance people’s self-confidence on several levels. The reception they get from people near them after wearing a good smelling perfume makes people feel better.

An example of an expensive perfume that smells good is Aventus by Creed. Aventus enjoys a fairly huge fanbase among the masses, making it one of the most widely used and popular perfumes in the world. Introduced in 2010, Aventus was developed by Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed.

Main Accords

The main accords of the Aventus Creed are fruity and sweet, making it a common usage perfume for summers and spring. It is one of the more expensive perfumes, which means there are several copies and impressions of the product available. At Match Fragrances, we have the Attraction inspired by the Aventus Creed which is one of our top sellers. It has enjoyed consistent positive reviews from people who like their perfume smells fruity.

Our copies inspired by perfumes are close replicas of the original product but at a fraction of the price.

Top Notes

The top notes of the Aventus Creed include pineapple, bergamot, apple and blackcurrant. The combination of so many fruits in the top notes makes Aventus a popular fruity perfume, commonly known by enthusiasts around the world. At Match Fragrances, our product line inspired by fragrances is bound to leave you speechless due to the high-quality products that go into making them.

Good perfumes are often too expensive to afford. Even though we mentioned how expensive perfumes may not always be good, good perfumes are usually very expensive. Before investing big in a new perfume that may lead to your wallet getting emptied, it is always better to read online reviews. You can also order Attraction inspired by Aventus Creed from Match Fragrances. It is an exclusive copy of the Aventus Creed made by Match Fragrances. Despite our low prices, we ensure that we use quality products and handpick the ingredients ourselves. Impression perfumes are especially popular for people who either can't afford the real thing since they’re too expensive, or those who want to smell the perfume before making the huge expense.

Perfumes are a necessity. We all need perfumes to depict our personalities. However, the best ones are often too expensive. At Match Fragrances, we strive to provide our people with the exact replicas of all the best designer perfumes in the world. You’ll find everything at our online store – whether it’s the creed aftershave copy, the replica of the famous black orchid, or black opium – we have it all for you.

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