Aftershave is a skin application lubricant that enriches and protects the skin after it has undergone severe razor burns and cuts. The skin on the human face is softer than most parts of the human body and aftershave helps keep it intact and gives it relaxation after a shaving session. Aftershaves come in various forms, including gels, liquids and oils. When you shave facial hair, your skin has open pores left. This risks bacteria development which could cause infections, in-grown hair, and wounds. However, since aftershaves usually contain alcohol and anti-bacterial elements, they help in fighting against these infections and bacteria.

The Advantages

Aftershaves fight against bacteria. They kill the existing bacteria, stop them from entering open pores and stop the formation of new bacteria. The most common ingredient found in aftershaves is isopropyl alcohol, which is also commonly found in sanitisers, rubbing alcohol and disinfectants. Alcohol-based aftershaves are the reason that men experience a tingling and sharp sensation when they apply it straight after a shave.


After a fresh shaving session, you may experience irritation and itching. This happens because the skin goes under severe exfoliation due to the sharp razor blades rubbing against the soft skin. The sharp blades open up pores and leave the dead skin behind. This dead skin can cause other skin infections and acne. Aftershave disinfects these areas and protects the skin from further damage.

Reduced Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are caused as a result of ingrown hair. The ingrown hair can cause tiny bumps in the skin, and once the razor runs over it, these bumps can get cut open. People who use razors to shave come across razor bump cuts all too often. Aftershaves help reduce razor bumps, so the possibility of future cuts and infections is decreased several times when using aftershaves.

Increases Skin Health

As we mentioned, aftershaves protect against bacterial infections. This prevention leads to a better skin health, one that is free of infections and open pores. Aftershaves also encourage the growth of skin tissue which enhances your skin health.

Works As A Cologne

Aftershaves come infused with amazing and intense scents and smells. Applying aftershave on a fresh shave helps your skin absorb the liquid, and enhance your overall body aroma. Another advantage is that aftershaves come with the same scents as a lot of colognes. You may apply aftershave on your face and the same cologne on your clothes or on your body to create a strong aroma. You can use aftershave as cologne.

When To Use It?

Contrary to popular belief, aftershaves don't necessarily have to be used only after shaving. Yes, it produces great results on bare skin when you shave. However, applying it on your beard can help moisturise the skin beneath the beard, and produce a glowing skin result.


In conclusion, the application and use of aftershaves on your skin or on your beard should be made a normal and regular part of the male skin-care and hygiene routine. Aftershaves pose a great number of advantages to the skin and the overall appearance of men. The aroma helps boost your personality and aura, while the disinfectant properties help protect your skin health for the long run.

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