The world of perfumery has always been divided into two broad categories; masculine fragrances and feminine aromas. However, there are a lot of perfumes that are best-suited for both, males and females. An ideal example of a good unisex perfume is the popular Black Orchid perfume. Black Orchid has disproved the theory that says fragrances should always be masculine or feminine.

Here at Match Fragrances our Orchid, inspired by Black Orchid is made up of some of the most complex blend of ingredients, making it one of the most versatile and brilliant fragrances in the market, which is why this perfume is perfect for any gender. The version at Match Fragrances is very much identical to the original perfume.

Offerings Of Black Orchid

The Orchid, inspired by Tom Ford Black Orchid, is a true depiction of the graceful dark flower. If you’re in a search for a light, floral aroma that brings elegance and sophistication, this is the perfume you must have. Orchid features a complex blend of black truffles with ylang-ylang. Enjoy an extremely sensual and warm scent with subtle hints of bergamot and bitter orange. Furthermore, the touches of rum-soaked sweet black plums gives this perfume the intensity that defines it. The top notes of the perfume include Truffle, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot and Blackcurrant. The middle notes comprise of Floral-fruity, including orchid, fruity notes and lotus, while the base notes are Gourmand-Woody, which as Dark chocolate, incense, patchouli, sandalwood, Vetiver, and vanilla.

  1.  This fragrance comes with a rich base. The enticing aroma of chocolate works really well with the woody notes of sandalwood and the fresh hint of vetiver brings the much-needed freshness.
  2.  The aroma of this perfume is perfectly balanced. All the ingredients are incorporated with the purpose to create balance. The sharp spices in this perfume are invigorated by the sweet flavour of the fruity notes.
  3.  Lastly, the subtle touch of flowers makes this unisex scent a go-to perfume for everyone.

Black Orchid – Suitable For Men

The vast majority stays cautious while purchasing a perfume. No woman would want to wear a perfume that smells masculine and vice versa. That said, the version of Black Orchid at Match Fragrance breaks all these stereotypes. All the ingredients used to compose this masterpiece are very frequently featured in both male and female perfumes. For example, dark chocolate, citrus, sandalwood and vetiver. These ingredients guarantee that the perfume is perfect for anyone who wears it.

Black Orchid is well-adored by men from all across the world. Whether you’re heading out in the afternoon for a lunch break with your friends, or going to your workplace, or planning for a special night out with a loved one, this fragrance will do the trick.

Black Orchid – Suitable For Women

Fragrances aren’t produced with labels around them. This is why the perfume industry is readily inclining towards unisex fragrances – perfumes that can be used by men and women, simultaneously. However, it is seen that women generally tend to prefer strong scents and if you’re also looking for something bold and immediately recognisable, the Black Orchid is fragrance tailor-made for you. The amazing amalgamation of rich chocolate, bergamot and spice makes a very exotic flavour.

This fragrance is ideal for workplace and night events. On that note, you can also choose to wear it for casual daytime wear. Most women prefer to have this perfume only for special occasions. In a nutshell, this fragrance is flexible enough to be used in multiple settings.

If you’re looking for high-quality affordable perfumes onlinehead over to Match Fragrances at your earliest. Our product gallery comprises of replicas of all the famous designer perfumes. We believe that style and fragrance should never break the bank, which is why we have worked to provide the best fragrances at reasonable costs. Whether it’s the famous oud wood byTom FordAventus, or the Black Opium, you’ll get everything here.

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