Getting the perfect aftershave for yourself is immensely important. The right aftershave can fill you with confidence, make you feel better, think better, and most importantly, polish off any look, regardless of the time of the day. However, as fragrances work differently at different times on each person, it is recommended to test out different aftershaves to see what works best for you. If you’re putting in the time to choose one, we’re here to assist you in finding the best aftershave by presenting you details about 6 of the best for men. Let’s discuss everything about these amazing aftershaves.


DS- Inspired By Sauvage

When you’re looking for a fresh and bold fragrance, there’s nothing better than this brilliant piece. The Dior Sauvage is modelled on a timeless gentleman. This perfume is known to stand the test of time and it has no parallels in terms of intensity. With its sensual aura and hints of bergamot and vanilla, it produces an enigmatic scent. The top notes of this aftershave consist of bergamot, mint, and pepper, whereas the heart notes are composed of lavender, geranium, and patchouli that are completed strong with base notes of cedarwood, ambergris, and labdanum. This unorthodox amalgamation of flavours and fragrances makes an absolutely fresh and alluring smell.

Orchid- Inspired By Black Orchid

Black Orchid perfume by Tom Ford, who is known to be a living legend in the fashion world, is one of the most top-selling perfumes of all time. Tom Ford has a reputation of never holding back and this is what exactly this perfume exudes. ‘Orchid’ by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by Black Orchid, is the perfect piece of all extroverted and joyous people. However, its versatility allows it to be worn by anyone, at any time, anywhere. This perfume is a symbol of opulence and lavishness. Made with the blend of black truffles, ylang-ylang and complemented with bergamot and bitter orange, Black Orchid emanates a warm and sensual fragrance. To top this off, there are slight hints of rum-soaked sweet plums that intensify this scent.

Attraction- Inspired By Aventus

In all civilisations, men have had an elegant taste for fragrances. If you’re looking for something that strengthens the masculine vibe and epitomises strength and leadership qualities, you have nothing else to look for other than Aventus aftershave. This perfume is made from a mix of bergamot, apple, and oakmoss, along with a subtle touch of pineapple and ambergris. Moreover, this fragrance maintains a very intense equilibrium between citrus and light floral notes that are strengthened by softwood and ambergris aroma. Get your hands on Attraction by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by Aventus and create the alluring fragrance that will last for a long while.

Wood- Inspired By Oud Wood

We firmly believe that your fragrance collection will be incomplete without Oud Wood aftershave. If you have a penchant for something light and refreshing, the Oud Wood is the aftershave you want to get your hands on. Featuring fresh and exciting top notes that have a touch of spice, wood and balsamic. The perfume also has apparent notes of rosewood, sandalwood and rich oud, along with pepper that creates an amazingly captivating fragrance. Also, you don’t have to worry about strong woody scents because this is balanced out by the right amount of vanilla, which takes this to a whole new level.

TV- Inspired By Tobacco Vanille

When we’re talking about some of the best aftershaves for men, leaving out Tobacco Vanille would be a crime. This Eau De Parfum enhances the amazing tobacco fragrance, as it amazingly contrasts with vanilla. It has subtle hints of tonka beans, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet wood. The perfume is the best token of luxury and elegance. The long-lasting scent topped withits affordable price makes the TV  the best perfume to put on every day.

GI- Inspired By Green Irish Tweed

If you haven’t still tried the Green Irish Tweed yet, you’re really falling behind. This perfume comes with an intense fragrance that a strong man needs. Featuring a balanced mix of woody, balsamic and aquatic notes, this aftershave radiates a very fresh and sporty fragrance. Designers of this perfume made GI’s composition in a way to suit a nice summer day.

This perfume is sure to last all day as it has strong scents made by top notes of Iris, Verbena that are complemented by violet leaf middle notes. To take it to another level, the base notes create a very blissful contrast with the fragrance of ambergris and Mysore sandalwood. This is exactly what you will need for everyday wear.

Rich Man - Inspired By One Million

If you are looking to boss a rich look and feel then its time that you try Paco Rabanne's original One Million perfume. This aftershave perfume includes notes such as frosted grapefruit, blood mandarin, peppermint, rose absolute, musk, cinnamon bark, blond leather, tonka bean, patchouli, white wood and amber ketal. Made particularly for men who want to standout and be seductive.

Having the most expensive aftershave isn’t the only goal you should seek. Knowing the ingredients and the subtle details of every perfume are important if you want to stand out. Browse through the rich gallery of Match Fragrances and learn about each aftershave we offer.

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