Designer aftershaves can be on the higher end of a male’s purchases. But, why pay over the odds for them when you can find scents that replicate the luxuriousness? Due to the financial hits we’ve all had to take this year, gifting can be a little more difficult. That's why we've put together a list of our top ten best Christmas colognes for that special guy in your life.  See below for affordable luxury.

Chanel | Allure Homme Sport | 100ml RRP £90

Cheaper Alternative: Sport Eau De Parfum | £32.95

Chanel's Allure Homme Sport continues to be one of the best Christmas fragrances on the market. But with the RRP being £90, opt for ‘Sport Eau De Parfum’ instead! With it costing almost one-third less and smelling just as wonderfully sharp and fresh, you wouldn't notice a difference.


Creed | Aventus For Him | 100ml RRP £295

Cheaper Alternative: Attraction Eau De Parfum | £34.95

At an eye-watering £295 per 100ml, Creed's Aventus For Him is outside many people's Christmas budgets. But our ‘Attraction Eau De Parfum’ will only set you back £34.95! With similar Citrus-Fruity top notes, Woody-Spicy heart notes and Musky-Ambery base notes, this is the perfect alternative Christmas gift for him. So grab it while you still have the chance!


Gucci | Guilty Black | 90ml RRP £79

Cheaper Alternative: BLK Eau De Parfum | £32.95

Our ‘BLK Eau De Parfum’ is inspired by Gucci Guilty Black. On top of the fact that it costs significantly less than its designer counterpart, our aftershave also has 10ml more! So as far as affordable fragrances go, you can’t go wrong with this one. Especially as it smells just as incredibly powerful.


Paco Rabanne | Invictus | 100ml RRP £75

Cheaper Alternative: Invincible Eau De Parfum | £32.95

Paco Rabanne's aftershave range includes some of the most popular fragrances on the market today and always, with Paco Rabanne Invictus aftershave selling tonnes of bottles every single year. However, our ‘Invincible Eau De Parfum’ does an equal, if not better job of recreating this iconic scent! Match Fragrances customers also agree as ‘Invincible’ boasts an excellent five-star rating.


Jo Malone | Myrrh & Tonka | 100ml RRP £145

Cheaper Alternative: Myrrh & Tonka Eau De Parfum | £32.95

A classy and alluring unisex scent, Jo Malone's Myrrh & Tonka proves year after year to be a staple Christmas present for families across the UK. However, as you may know it is on the expensive side. So from £145 to £32.95, our ‘Myrrh & Tonka Eau De Parfum’ is one of the best men's fragrance deals you'll ever lay your eyes on!


Paco Rabanne | One Million | 100ml RRP £75

Cheaper Alternative: Rich Man Eau De Parfum | £32.95

For the second time on this list, Paco Rabanne features again, but this time with the ever-popular 1 Million perfume. Our ‘Rich Man Eau De Parfum’ takes inspiration from the Citrus-Herbal top notes, Floral-Spicy heart notes, and Woody-Ambery base notes that One Million has to offer. Watch him feel One Million pounds as this becomes his signature scent.


Jo Malone | Pomegranate Noir | 100ml RRP £110

Cheaper Alternative: Pomegranate Eau De Parfum | £32.95

Jo Malone also features twice on this list, with the excellent Pomegranate Noir perfume - a unisex scent that's both luscious and sensual! Similar to that is our ‘Pomegranate Eau De Parfum’, which is just as wonderfully daring. Not only that, but we can guarantee that it lasts all day, just like the original.


Dior | Sauvage | 100ml RRP £90

Cheaper Alternative: DS Eau De Parfum | £32.95

Who doesn't love Dior? Since its release back in 2015, and popular advertisements by actor Johnny Depp, Dior Sauvage has quickly become a go-to aftershave for men all over the world. However, with the price tag nearing almost triple figures, opt for our ‘DS Eau De Parfum’ alternative and receive the same quality, but for a fraction of the price!


Viktor & Rolf | Spicebomb | 90ml RRP £79

Cheaper Alternative: Spiced Eau De Parfum | £34.95

Inspired by the incredibly popular Spicebomb perfume, ‘Spiced Eau De Parfum’ is a precision-engineered fragrance designed for you to to feel spiced, of course. Our aftershave even includes 10ml more than its designer counterpart! So even though we may refer to it as a 'cheap men's aftershave', Spiced is, in fact, just as high-quality without the hefty price tag.


YSL | Y | 100ml RRP £90

Cheaper Alternative: WHY Eau De Parfum | £32.95

Finally, add our ‘WHY Eau De Parfum’ to his Christmas list if they're looking for the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Inspired by YSL's Y original aftershave, our fragrance is for the modern gentleman who enjoys tantalising notes of musk and amber. It could make for the perfect Christmas gift at a significantly lower price - what’s not to love?


Need any more Christmas gift idea inspiration for him?

Then check out our website to see the rest of our 'Inspired By' range, including aftershaves for him, perfumes for her, and unisex fragrances for everybody to enjoy! All of our Eau De Parfum products are enjoyed all over the country, so you can be sure that the recipient won’t be disappointed this Christmas!

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