Fragrance in the form of perfume has been used by people for ages. The earliest perfume on earth originated in one of the villages in Cyprus called Pyrogus. This village was, therefore, named by some archaeologists as ‘Eau de BC’: It is estimated that this perfume was created around 4000 years back. Originally, it was made using extracts from various materials, such as rosemary, coriander and pine, lavender and bay. Since perfume has always been deemed as a luxurious sensual accessory for every gender, this ancient perfume was found in a special translucent bottle.                    

In earlier times, most women used to wear perfumes on very special occasions and only a few elites could afford to wear them regularly. Similarly, ancient men never bothered to wear aftershave, and even if they did, it was only for some extraordinary events. However, in recent times, both men and women wear all kinds of fragrances on a day-to-day basis, as it makes them feel good!

Why should you wear aftershave and perfumes?

Besides making one feel good about themselves, wearing aftershave and perfume regularly can offer you a lot of perks. For instance, good perfume can increase the attractiveness of both women and men and it can also instantly uplift your spirits.

Since every perfume is different from others, you can wear it to suit different occasions. Furthermore, perfumes are a great way of casting a good impression and they also function as an aphrodisiac.

Given everything, aftershaves and perfumes are quite personal choices and you ought to take some time to pick the one that is best for you. Also, the essence of aftershave and perfume lies in how you wear them. That is why wearing too much perfume can be overpowering.

Although there is no clear answer to what perfume and aftershave is the best one for you, we have some interesting points worth noting.

Should you wear a signature fragrance?

Wearing the same type of perfume on a regular basis can work great for you. That is because doing so can help you gain familiarity. So, whenever you feel as though you are losing touch with yourself or beginning to lose some confidence, applying your signature perfume would help you regain your confidence. Furthermore, wearing one kind of perfume over and over again would help you get recognised and your fragrance would also linger in people’s memories.


  • Perks of wearing a signature perfume
    To further convince why having a signature perfume is great, here are some benefits:
  1. Since signature perfumes are your most favourite fragrance, they can make you feel good about yourself and fill you with confidence.
  2. During the hasty moments before leaving for work, you would need to waste your time wondering which perfume to apply.
  3. If you are wearing your signature perfume well, people would start knowing and remembering you by it. For instance, as you step into a room, your friends and colleagues would know your presence without looking up.

Since your signature perfume should suit your persona at all cost,  choosing the right one can take some time and patience. Your signature perfume should not just be light but also distinctive.

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