A fragrance can change the way in which you are perceived. Research shows that people who smell good appear to be more attractive to individuals in their surroundings. This is why it is essential to smell good at all times. One way to achieve this objective is by applying perfume in a strategic manner. Typically, you are advised to apply perfume on your pulse points- the base of the neck, behind ear lobes, and the inner wrists. However, if you wish to learn more insightful tips on the perfume application, go through the ensuing guide.

Invest in a perfume with a strong base note

Every perfume has three notes, a top note, a heart note and a base note. Perfume notes are the ingredients that amalgamate together to form the fragrance. For every perfume, there is a time frame for which each of the note lasts. The primary scent of the fragrance is attributed to the top note. The top note includes those ingredients that hold a powerful scent. These flavours are usually the first thing you experience when you test the spray. For instance, a peppermint flavoured perfume would have a top note including a pungent peppermint smell. However, while the scent is strong, it is not very long-lasting. In fact, the top note of every perfume can evaporate in a matter of five to fifteen minutes.

Subsequent to the top note is the heart note. This scent follows the primary smell and can last for about twenty minutes to an hour. Similarly, the base notes last the longest. This fragrance is the least prominent, but it can last for a duration of at least six hours.

Taking this into consideration, it is recommended to purchase a perfume that has a strong base note. You can identify the perfume notes by testing the application throughout the day. The perfume can be applied on a scent strip or your inner wrists, to study its volatility for a duration of twenty-four hours. This way, you can find a fragrance that can last longer, even without re-application!

Buy Eau de parfum or Extrait de parfum

Eau de parfum and Extrait de parfum are French terms that translate to “perfume” and “perfume extracts”.  This means if you wish to invest in a fragrance that lasts longer, it is essential to spend your money on perfume, instead of cologne. As colognes have a lower concentration, their fragrances are softer and more volatile, therefore, the smell does not last long. On the other hand, perfumes have relatively higher concentration levels, which allows their scents last longer. You can identify the difference by looking at labels whiles shopping. It is imperative to avoid purchasing fragrances with labels that state ‘Eau de cologne’ or ‘Eau de toilette.’

Apply strategically

The strategic application of perfume can make all the difference. In addition to applying the perfume on all the pulse point, it is essential to follow the steps.

Step #1: Prepare the skin before application

You can prime the skin with a moisturiser. You can either use an oil-based lotion or use an unscented moisturiser. You may also add the fragrance of your chosen perfume to the unscented moisturiser to increase the impact of the fragrance. To do this, you can add a few drops of the perfume to the lotion and shake it well.

Step # 2: Dry the skin

Before applying the perfume, make sure that your skin is nice and dry. If you have washed your face or taken a shower, be sure to pat the skin with a towel to ensure that there are no water droplets. This is because perfumes tend to last longer when the pores are opened. With dry skin, your pores can trap the smell and increase its volatility.

Step # 3: Apply directly to the skin

Walking through a spray cloud, as they do in the movies, is just as fictional as the film. If you want the fragrance to last, it is imperative to spray it directly on the skin. You must apply the perfume to the base of the neck, behind the ear lobes, your inner wrists, behind the elbow joint and behind the knee. These areas are the warmest locations on the body. When they radiate heat, the fragrance is released into the air.
If you are applying perfume to your clothes, add the fragrance to the middle layer. The fabric can trap the smell and increase the duration of the scent. You can also apply a little bit of perfume to your fingers before brushing your hair with the same fingers. This can increase the smell’s impact, though, in a subtle manner.

Step # 4: Keep the bottle three inches away from your skin

The distance between your skin and the perfume bottle can also play an important role. It is essential to keep the bottle three to six inches away from the skin, as this can reduce the wastage. Additionally, you must make sure to avoid over-spraying, as it can cause adverse effects.

Step # 5: Care for the jewels

If you wear jewellery, adding perfume can result in discolouration of the ornaments. To avoid this, you can apply a bit of vaseline to all the application points in order to create a barrier between the perfume and the jewels. Taking this initiative can also increase the durability of the fragrance.

The fragrance you radiate can shape perceptions. Therefore, you must buy high-quality and cheap perfumes to make a lasting impression. Match Fragrances has a variety of perfumes and fragrances for you to explore.

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