We all spend a considerable amount of time choosing the perfume that suits us best. Your personal scent can differentiate you from others, give you your identity, and ultimately boost your confidence. So, when you’re out to choose a scent for yourself, you need to consider a few important things (apart from your personal preference).

One of the most important factors to look after is the time of the year or season. It is to be noted that the weather or temperature has a huge influence on the way a scent is perceived. For instance, hot climates are known for intensifying the fragrance notes, whereas, in colder climates, there isn’t much need for intensifying them because the weather does not allow the notes to evaporate. This is why it’s important to put in some time when choosing a perfume. Most people tend to pick a perfume right after they interact with it, but fragrance notes work differently over time and have a completely different effect.
When you head out, you probably spend a lot of your time choosing the best dress that suits the occasion. For instance, for a pool party in mid of June, you’d probably pick a light summer dress, whereas, for a Christmas party in the winters, warm outerwear and cardigan would be deemed appropriate. Similarly, wearing a perfume that’s made for cold winters at a pool party may be considered the wrong taste by those around you.
Continue reading this blog to learn some tips for wearing the right perfume for every season:

Spring is a symbol of freshness, joy, happiness, and blooms. This is the time of year when temperatures around the world are high. Along with the temperature, energy levels are also high in these months and you’d definitely want something to match up. Enhance this vibe with the perfect scent. The ideal perfume for this weather may include a combination of tonka beans, cocoa, and the iconic tobacco scent. TV by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by Tobacco Vanille, can be your go-to perfume for the spring season. The long-lasting fragrance, combined with its best prices, makes TV the most amazing everyday-perfume.

The perfect fragrance family for this weather is floral. Summer season announces the arrival of ripe fruits, hot weather and this is the time when you seek relaxation after a whole year of hard work. While you’re thinking about spending time on the beach to refuel and rejuvenate your spirits, you need to carry fresh and cool fragrances that best contrast with the hot weather. Also, you need to apply the summer perfumes in a light manner, since these scents tend to be stronger due to the high temperatures. The best perfume notes for this weather are crisp, fresh yet light, like bergamot, lavender, mandarin orange, musk mallow, and amber. Head over to Match Fragrances and get your hands on the Neroli- inspired by Neroli Portofino.

Although all seasons have their own fragrances, winter is known for strong, woody scents. The fragrance family you should opt for this season is oriental. You might hate or love winter, but regardless of your choice, you must know that winter is the season for perfumes. This isn’t just a myth but the cold temperatures are proven to work well with all the delicate and sophisticated notes and give these notes the needed time to completely express themselves. You might not see a lot of colours and festivities when the season gets cold but you can fill this void with strong fragrances. During this time, olfactions are not distracted by several other outside scents, therefore, it has all the opportunity to concentrate on the superb exotic oriental fragrances that are strong and warm. We recommend that you choose woody, balsamic, spicy, and aromatic tones for this weather. The notes of sandalwood, oud, cardamom, and pepper are most compatible with winters, and to get all of this, you need to get hold of the amazing ‘Wood’ by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by Oud Wood.

Autumn brings good news for a majority of people around the world. This is when the cold sensations are introduced after we are all fed up with dealing with hot temperatures for a long time. This season brings along peace and tranquillity and allows you to prepare for the cold weather. Just like this season entices you to come out and have a long walk in the park to enjoy the falling leaves and the changes in colours, it is the bergamot, bitter orange and similar notes that can intensify the fragrance and take it to another level. The best option for this season is ‘Orchid’ by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by Black Orchid. Get your hands on this elegant and sophisticated perfume to mirror the grace of a dark flower.
There’s no doubt that all the perfumes mentioned above will complement your personality whenever you put them on. However, it’s the subtle details that make you stand out and this is why you need to take care of what you choose according to the outside temperature.

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