What’s a signature scent that does not oozes class? A “good” fragrance is defined as something that is modern, forward-thinking yet extremely sophisticated. The perfect example for a good fragrance for women is the popular Aventus for her. The perfume comprises of some of the very best ingredients that are complemented with brilliant flavours.

Here at Match Fragrances, we have an amazing collection of replica perfumes and Irresistible, inspired by Aventus for her, is one of our best-selling fragrances. Known as one of the world’s most loved eau de parfums, the only drawback with this fragrance is that it breaks the bank. However, we have worked to create a version that captures the essence of the original designer perfume without putting a great burden on your wallet.

Let’s shed light on some important things about this perfume:

  • The top notes of Irresistible contain Citrus-Spicy, that has lemon, pink, pepper and bergamot. 
  • The heart notes of this perfume are fruity-floral containing Blackcurrant, pineapple, rose and Gardenia. 
  • The base notes, which are also the most important due to their longevity are woody-ambery, which includes Cedarwood, patchouli, amber and musk.

The version of Aventus at Match Fragrances is made from a very balanced combination of a plethora of astonishing notes. The perfume features all the dominant notes of sweet fruits like apple, peach along with the sharp citrusy aromas. Other than there are other ingredients that play a vital role as well. For instance, pepper adds a hint of spice that helps in balancing the sweetness of the fruit. Secondly, the combo of sandalwood and musk are exotic ingredients that help soften the fragrance.The addition of these ingredients helps increase the intensity of this perfume, making it a day-to-night fragrance. Lastly, the delicacy of lily and Ylang-Ylang adds to the subtlety of this fragrance.

Women are the force that are driving the world today, and while carrying the great loads of responsibility, it is all the more important to wear a fragrance that defines their character better. Aventus for her is a great pick for women due to its fresh, fruity nature instead of something dense. Bergamot in this perfume adds zest and vibrancy to make it modern, and best-suited for 21st century.

The versatile aroma of Aventus woman can be musky and sensual or sweet and romantic as well. Moreover, the exclusivity of this perfume is added by the great combination of fruitiness of bergamot and apple.

When To Wear It?

The version of Aventus for her at our store is extremely flexible and adaptable, allowing you to wear this fragrance at any time, and any occasion. You can:

Wear this perfume at work as it exudes the needed sophistication and elegance for the corporate world, without making it too intense.

Wear it while heading out with friends; for lunch, coffee, or any other place. The light nature of this perfume is best-suited for social situations.

Wear it at prom nights and dates. The notes of sandalwood, amber, rose, and fruity notes brings strength in the aroma of this perfume, which will definitely intrigue your partner.

Wear at special occasions like wedding and other night/evening events. The component of decadence in this perfume makes it excellent for any special day.

At Match Fragrances, our aim is to provide people with all the best men’s aftershave and women’s fragrances that capture the true essence of all the famous designer fragrances. The purpose of this is to add the element of affordability with high-quality.

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