You do not choose your perfume, your perfume chooses you.

At least, that is the link created by the research data. Alan R. Hirsch, the founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, carried out an investigation which studied the comparison between personality types and aroma and flavour preferences of an individual. With this data, a link was established between scent preference and personality types.

The fragrance you choose says a lot about you as a person. This is because your sense of smell holds the ability to influence your mood. Inhaling certain smells can stimulate the different regions of the brain, which can affect the way you carry yourself.

If you are wondering what your perfume says about your personality, read the following guide.

Citrus-Based Scents

Everyone loves a strong, citrus scent in a perfume. In fact, citrus-based fragrances stimulate the areas of the brain that are responsible for calming you down. When you wear perfume with citrus-based ingredients, you are more likely to remain focused, calm and attentive to the environment around you.

This is why individuals who choose citrus-based scents are perceived to have a dominating personality. In fact, if you gravitate towards this fragrance, you might have a strong-minded, ambitious and hard-headed personality. Individuals who prefer this scent have the natural abilities to lead. They have clear goals and are willing to do anything to achieve them.

Rose Fragrances

Rose fragrances have a soft, soothing scent. Similar to the citrus-based perfumes, the fragrance of rose has soothing properties. When you wear rose-based perfumes, you are more likely to feel relaxed, calmer and liberated from stress.

With that said, people who wear rose-based fragrances have quite a cautious personality. These individuals understand and are empathetic towards the needs of others, and therefore, they are also introspective. People who gravitate towards this scent are more likely to explore themselves, and the environment and remain mindful of their feelings and emotions. They are cautious about their actions and make decisions after thorough reflection. If you like rose-based fragrances, you are more likely to remember details from memories, as you have an emotion attached to them.

Lavender Scents

Lavender-based fragrances are the most soothing of all. This magical ingredient calms the nerves and enables you to remain at peace, relaxed and stress-free. In fact, lavender has been known to boost productivity at work and to create an environment that enables efficiency in working.

Considering this, it is no coincidence that people who wear lavender-scented perfumes are great at making friends. People who are inclined towards lavender-based scents are perceived to be friendly, easy to talk to and empathetic individuals. They usually have a large, intimate group of friends, who they are always willing to make happy. According to Dr Hirsch, people who prefer lavender are curious, yet sexually reserved. They are extroverted and subsequently, excel in group-related tasks. These individuals are thoughtful, empathetic and would go out of their way to make someone happy.

Vanilla-Scented Perfumes

Vanilla-scented fragrances are known to function as anti-depressants. A research carried out in China saw the effect of vanilla in reducing the depression in rats. The results showed that the effect of vanilla was quite similar to that of Prozac, which is a drug that reduces depressive symptoms in humans and rats.

Taking this into consideration, it makes sense that people who prefer vanilla-scented perfumes are the life of the party. Dr Hirsch research showed that individuals who gravitated towards vanilla-scented perfumes are lively, energetic and fun-loving. They are extroverted and are always ready to have a good time. These individuals may enjoy dancing, drinking and socialising with different personalities. If you enjoy vanilla scented perfumes, it is highly likely that you do not enjoy staying at home, but you wish to be where the fun is!

Sandalwood-Scented Perfumes

The scent of sandalwood stimulates a reaction in the limbic system. The limbic system is a region in the brain that is responsible for your emotions. Taking this into account, the scent of sandalwood has been linked to alleviating anxiety, reducing insomnia and facilitating mental alertness. Therefore, if you wear this perfume, you are more likely to feel attentive, focused and more relaxed.

With that said, people who choose sandalwood-scented perfumes are over-achievers. These individuals are overly critical of themselves, as they are perfectionists. They pay attention to detail and set high goals for themselves. However, in addition to the high expectations, they have set for themselves, these individuals also expect a similar level of standards from their loved ones. Additionally, individuals who are inclined towards the scent of sandalwood are more likely to misconstrue the meanings of statements spoken to them and respond negatively to the other’s remarks.

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