Have you noticed any discolouration in your perfume bottle? Do you feel that your favourite perfume loses its scent and flavour overtime? This is because you are not storing your perfumes properly.

Perfume bottles are required to be stored in a dark, dry place, away from the contact of direct sunlight. If you fail to take proper measures while storing your perfume, the scent may be converted to something that is not pleasant. In such a scenario, it is essential to apply the best strategies for perfume storage. You can consider the following guidelines to learn more about the right way of storing perfumes.

Keep the bottle sealed until the first-time usage

When you invest in a new bottle of perfume, you might want to try it out as soon as possible. However, unsealing the container introduces oxygen to the bottle’s components. When the oxygen enters, the scent dilutes and becomes oxidised. This increases the percentage of oxygen and decreases the composition of the scent. With this imbalance taking place, the scent gradually fades away. Therefore, it is essential to restrict yourself from unsealing the perfume bottle, until you are ready to use it.

Keep the perfume away from light

The perfumes in the UK are bottled up in the most opulent containers to reflect and radiate the sensation of luxury. Due to their unique design, you may think your dresser would be the ideal place to store the bottle. After all, it is the more convenient option to speed up your morning routine. However, storing a perfume bottle on a dresser can reduce its lifetime.

Taking this into consideration, you must store the fragrance in a dry and dark place. You can place the bottle in your wardrobe, or in the drawers of your dresser. This is because the sunlight, or even artificial light, can break down the product’s DNA and alter it significantly. Additionally, if the container is made up of plastic, the consistent contact with the sunlight can melt the plastic, which can create an unfavourable scent. Therefore, it is recommended to store the fragrance in a light-free space.

Store the bottle in a dry place

Parallel to the light, humidity can also affect the scent of your favourite perfumes. Storing a perfume bottle in a humid environment can cause chemical reactions to take place. This can significantly alter the scent and change the smell of your favourite fragrances.

As a result, it is essential to store the bottle in a dry, humidity-free space. If you wish to go the extra mile to protect the authenticity of your favourite scents, you can invest in a de-humidifier. This will ensure that the life expectancy of the perfume increases.

Do not store the perfume in the bathroom

The bathroom is where all the perfumes go to die. Storing your perfume in the bathroom can drastically increase its expiration date. This is because the bathroom environment comes with the combination of temperature variation, along with an elevated level of humidity. Therefore, if you have stored your precious perfume bottles in the bathroom, it is essential to find them a new home. If you wish to add convenience to your morning routine, you can place the bottles in a closet, or a cupboard that is situated outside the loo.  This way, you can squeeze in some extra steps in the morning as well!

Do not get rid of the box

The original perfume box holds more value than you imagined. In fact, these boxes are designed to increase the lifetime of the fragrance. Therefore, you may need to compromise on your desires to show off the decorative bottle and store the perfume in its original box. This amalgamation of the box with the dark closet can drastically increase the life expectancy of your favourite fragrance.

Store the perfume on the bottom shelf

When it comes to perfume, any imbalance in the chemical composition can result in the alteration of the scent. Therefore, it is recommended to place the bottle on the bottom shelf. This is because the top shelf is a vulnerable place for a perfume. If you situate the bottle at a higher altitude, you can increase the chances of dropping the container. Even if the flask does not break, the chemical composition can be disturbed, which would result in the loss or fluctuation in the scent.

Do not shake the bottle

Shaking the bottle causes more harm than good. Perfumes constitute of fragile chemical composition, which can easily be disturbed. Shaking the bottle can cause an interruption between the chemical bonds, which can leave you with an unpleasant scent. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid shaking the perfume bottle at all costs.

Keep the lid on at all times

Perfumes are highly volatile. If you leave them uncovered, the substance can evaporate, which can reduce the amount in the bottle. In addition to this, leaving the lid off of a perfume bottle can also make it vulnerable to oxidization. If the cap is off, there is a clear path for the oxygen to enter the bottle and stimulate a chemical imbalance. Therefore, it is essential to keep the cap fitted religiously.

The bottom line

Proper storage of the perfume bottle can increase its life expectancy. If you wish to protect the fragrance’s scent, it is imperative to keep the bottle sealed and covered at all times. Additionally, you must store the perfume on the bottom shelf, in a cool, dark, and humid-free space.

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