Did you know there's a raw fragrance ingredient that costs more than gold? Oud, also known as wood resin or agarwood is described as 'the scent from heaven''. The scent of oud has been used throughout history by different cultures for centuries. It has quickly become a popular addition to perfumes and other beauty products.

Moreover, many people consider it to be highly valued in luxurious fragrances. There are many different types of rich oud perfume available today. However, what exactly is oud and why does it possess such an exceptional scent? Find out everything you need to know about the most popular scent used in fragrance. 

What Is Oud?

Basically, oud is agarwood and its resin extract. Most perfumers use agarwood essential oil under the name "oudh" or "oud." Oud is by far one of the most expensive raw ingredients in fragrance. It comes from a tropical agar tree native to the Middle East.

Agar trees produce a dense, dark, and fragrant rich resin when infected by mould (phialophora parasitica) in order to protect themselves. As the resin embeds itself into the tree, it becomes the source of Oudh.

Agarwood is thought to have been first used by the ancient Egyptians. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians used it in burial rituals. It was also used in perfumes, cosmetics, and medicines. Chips of agarwood could be carved into art forms or used to make incense, which is currently in demand. However, nothing is more popular than oud perfume.

So how much does Oud cost?

Agarwood is regarded as the most precious essential oil according to research. Prices typically range from £36,000 to £58,000 a litre. Agarwood is mainly used for perfume production.

Market analysts estimate the annual value of the oud market at over £4 billion. That's about 1 1/2 times more valuable than gold. That's exactly why some refer to it as "liquid gold". It can cost as much as £3,600 per pound. In some cases, oud retailers sell a bottle of 3g for £200 and even more.

So what makes oud so special?

It is estimated that one in ten trees in the wild become infected with Phialophora parasitica. That's about 2% of trees, making oud an extremely expensive commodity. Obviously, these are just rough estimates, but they give you an idea of what makes oud so special.

Agarwood is then distilled using steam. With 70kg of wood, the total yield won't exceed 20ml. Plus, agarwood oil is packed with over 150 different chemical compounds. Depending on the species and age of the tree, their exact balance will vary.

So what does Oud perfume smell like?

Oud perfume smell is derived from resinous heartwood, commonly known as Agarwood, which is found in the dark or gaharu and bark of big evergreen tropical trees. Trees such as this are known as Aquilaria and come in 15 different species. As oud comes from trees, its smell will differ based on the type of tree. This scent is typically described as sweet and woody with a hint of smokiness.

Oud is a peculiar aroma that is both intense and seductive. Its olfactory profile is sure to make you notice, while its woody smell is filled with nuances ranging from leather, earthy, sweet, and spicy scents. Oud smells different depending on the type of tree it comes from and how it is extracted.

Some experts consider oud perfume to be the ultimate seduction tool. Not only does it enhance the wearer's appeal, but it also acts as a carnal stimulant. The intoxicating scent is quite intriguing and fancy, and said to have arousing qualities.

Those who have experienced the rich scent of oud perfume claim that it has quite a mysterious allure. It is definitely full of character while still retaining some faint floral notes. This is what we call pure luxury and exclusivity.

Due to its rarity, oud fragrance quickly gained popularity in the perfume industry. Among its key characteristics are its longevity, elegance, and mystical connotations. This delightful Middle Eastern aroma is easily enjoyed with a simple whiff.

Where can you buy oud perfume?

Perfume lovers have a special place in their hearts for Oudh Perfumes. In today's market, Oudh or Oud is among the most expensive attars available. You can spend up to £5000 on a single bottle. Would you still purchase this delightful scent?

If you're worried about your budget, don't worry, as we have a solution that will still provide you with the same luxurious experience. How cool is that?

We bring you a perfume named "Wood" - Inspired by Oud Wood. this scent is fearless, bold, and courageous. Match Fragrances offer a unique blend of woody, balsamic, spicy, and aromatic notes. With the notes of sandalwood, rosewood, oud, cardamom, and pepper, this Eau De Parfum is earthy and captivating. The right composition of vanilla perfectly balances out the strong woody scents in a fragrance. Shop this Inspired by Oud Wood perfume here.


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