There’s really no doubt that fragrances have a deep connection with memory and the way we feel. This is why whenever you come across a fragrance that you used to wear a long time ago, it brings back tons of memories. For instance, the delicious aroma of fresh bread being baked at a bakery nearby can feel like a time portal, carrying you miles away to some amazing café you visited years ago. It’s a proven fact that particles in scents help revive memories that haven’t been tapped for a long time. 
Your sense of smell is connected to your brain and it has a very unique way of working in contrast to other senses. Fragrances, memories, and emotions are very much intertwined in the brain. 

Fragrances Help You Travel In Time

The visual images in your mind tend to fade as time passes, no matter how significant that event may be. However, scents can evoke those memories. For instance, you might be experiencing extreme winters, but just a hint of the scent of the sunblock lotion can immediately take you back to the good old lazy summer days at the beach. Moreover, scents play a vital role in evoking long-forgotten feelings. To put this into perspective, a particular fragrance of a person,  who longer has any place in your life, can hit you with a strong nostalgia, and take you down memory lane. 
Most people consider the abilities of hearing and seeing to be the strongest. There is no doubt that these senses are highly important for us to function properly. However, our sense of smell is also one of the heightened and most impactful senses. You might be surprised to know, but the sense of smell has the deepest and the strongest connection with your brain, as compared to any other senses. Smell and emotion belong to the same network in the structure of the human brain. 

Fragrances Have Great Influence On The Mind

Scents are a strong psychological tool as well. Scientists have been working to explore how different smells impact the emotions, behaviours, and other cognitive capacities in the human mind. There have been a lot of studies that suggest how pleasant fragrances evoke a sense of happiness, motivates you to do good things, make you feel charitable, generous, and energetic. 
Fragrances have been worn for centuries, with scientific advancements, and new theories that emphasize the role of scents in our daily lives, marketing companies have cashed on the opportunities to market on the power of fragrances. Be it in fashion shows, retail stores, sports gatherings, or medical stores, firms heavily market scents to evoke customers’ emotions in order to connect with them at a deeper level. This definitely enhances their experience and provides satisfaction. A lot of companies use scents and fragrances to make their customers loyal to the brand. Take the example of the hospitality industry, they are known for using brilliant fragrances throughout their hotels and premises to provide their customers with a pleasant experience. 

Aromas Enhance Your Mood

Believe it or not, scents have such a strong connection to your brain that they significantly impact your mood, apart from having a powerful influence on emotions and memories. Ever wondered why perfumes are so important?  This is because they can uplift your mood, heighten your confidence levels, and empower you to feel focused and relaxed. Perfumes can also be used to boost energy levels, as well as to help you focus. 
The intense fragrance that comes from your favourite perfumes can help you feel relaxed. This is why it’s important to keep any scent that evokes pleasant feelings and memories close to yourself, to enhance your mood. 

The Science Behind It

Now that we’ve established the strong bond of fragrances with moods, emotions, and memories. Let’s dive into the reasoning behind this. 
The human nose has more than a thousand smell receptors that are activated as soon as any scent hits your nose. These receptors change according to what you smell. Consequently, you’re able to identify all types of smells. As for memories, know that aromas don’t have any personal importance. They only evoke memories when our mind associates a certain event with that scent. 
The olfactory system, also known as the emotional brain, is the protagonist behind the sense of smell. This system quickly prompts a response from your brain or triggers a long-forgotten memory. The nerve in our mind responsible for associative learning and nurturing, known as the hippocampus, along with the amygdala- that processes emotions, are accessed by the olfactory system. This is how when any smell hits your nose, your brain instantly attaches it with a particular moment, event, or some person. For instance, the scent of oranges might make you wonder about the orange tree that grew up in the backyard of your old house, but for any other person, the same scent might be attached with a juice their deceased mother used to make. 

Taking this into consideration, it is imperative to find the right fragrance. Choose a scent that brings you joy, empowers you, and provokes happy memories. To enrich your perfume collection with the best, browse through the rich collection of Match Fragrances and get the best women’s perfume online.

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