1.      Irresistible- Inspired By Aventus For Her

If you’ve been looking for a perfume that can be your signature fragrance, this might be the go-to option. The Irresistible by Match Fragrances smells like creed aventusthe famous designer perfume. The top notes of this bliss are composed of patchouli, green apple, bergamot, pink pepper, violet and lemon. These amazing fruity notes make up an aroma that is perfect for women. Furthermore, these fruity notes are complemented with heart notes of styrax, Mysore Sandalwood rose and musk. Since the top and middle notes are very intense, the balancing comes from sweet peach, black currant, amber and ylang-ylang.

2.      540- Inspired By Baccarat Rouge 540 

Some fragrances arewe recommend you go for 540, by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540. This perfume is made from a superb mix of eastern and western fragrances. This perfume has the main accords of balsamic, spice and wooden tones. The most notable fragrances in this perfume are of jasmine and saffron, and they are intensified with a slight touch of amber wood, ambergris and cedar wood that adds strength to these amazing fragrances. This perfume can be worn at any time of the day and on any occasion. 


3.      Vibrance- Inspired By Black Opium

If you’re a woman who wants softness, delicacy and sweetness to emanate from your scent, you can go for the brilliant Vibrance by Match Fragrances. This perfume is made from a great blend of vanilla, coffee, sweet and floral notes that are combined with spicy and balsamic touches to make the most alluring aroma. The prominent scent of coffee works really well due to several notes like cedar, orange blossom, pink pepper, amalgam and jasmine. With its slightly spicy and sweet scent, Vibrance can easily be the signature perfume for all modern-day women.


4.      Belle- Inspired By LA Vie Est Belle

For any businesswoman who works and leads a group of people, she needs to put on a fragrance that exudes power, sophistication and strength. Made for contemporary women, Belle, inspired by the popular La Vie Est Belle, consists of a mix of sweet, balsamic, fruit and vanilla scents that are combined with a woody tone. The soft and delicate fragrance is usually what most women want; this perfume is the ideal choice for that as it includes top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange and freesia. To intensify this, orange blossom, white flowers, sambac and Iris are incorporated as heart notes and to top it off, base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla complete this brilliant perfume.


5.      Neroli- Inspired By Neroli Portofino

Generally, women tend to have a great preference for perfumes that are made up of citrusy and floral notes. If you fall in the same category, Neroli by Match Fragrances, which is inspired by Neroli Portofino might just be the perfume you’re looking for. The top notes of are of lavender, mandarin orange, bergamot, lemon, bitter orange and rosemary. Heart notes of jasmine, neroli and pittosporum are very vivid in this fragrance and they are completed with the base notes of amber, musk mallow and angelica. This perfume has it all, making it the best option for everyday wear.

In order to choose the right perfume, the most crucial thing is to know the notes and ingredients of a particular perfume. Often times, you might feel a certain fragrance is the best option for you, but it won’t work well on you over time, maybe because of your different body chemistry or due to the weather conditions. To learn more about perfumes, head over to Match Fragrances. At our online store, you’ll come across all great replicas of famous designer perfumes. Whether you’re planning to buy black opiumthe black orchid, Aventus, or the famous Oud Wood, you’ll find high-quality copies at the most affordable prices.

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